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Abhishek Humbad, Founder, NextGen PMS Pvt. Ltd

Saturday August 29, 2009 , 6 min Read

“Tracking the Carbon Footprint”

The world as we know it has taken a lot of abuse at our hands. From pollution to exploiting limited resources we have managed to cause cataclysmic changes in our environment. However, the greatest threat has been the apathy of the common human being who is rapt in his/her quest to amass material objects. Abhishek Humbad is one such individual who will not stand and watch while Mother Earth suffers silently.

He has called upon his skills of Entrepreneurship to make a change for the better.

NextGen PMS Pvt. Ltd is an Indian company that has taken up arms to work for a greener world.

Abhishek explains his aims and says “NextGen PMS Pvt. Ltd. provides Carbon Advisory services ranging from carbon footprint estimation, data visualization and analytics, footprint reduction modeling and emissions benchmarking. Nextgen is currently incubated at IIM Bangalore.”

“NextGen offers carbon advisory services- the first of its kind in India. Low pricing and an esteemed and satisfied clientele are our USP's. NextGen currently operates on the B2B model.”

Their quest has just begun and they have plans to take on more sectors of industry. Abhishek says “We are expanding the array of services offered to setting up of bio-gas/bio-mass based micro Power plants and also to other carbon advisory services such as CDP and are in the process of bringing out an eco-friendly apparel line. We are also in talks to establish offices in Singapore and Portugal.”

Entrepreneurship has many attractions for Abhishek who has always been a freedom loving individual. He says “An entrepreneur is the master of his own destiny. He decides his own work timings, dead lines and chooses the people he works with. The desire to make an impact on the lives of people directly and the desire to build a career where I am my only master are what drove me to become an entrepreneur.” 

The journey has not been easy and Abhishek is thankful for the lesson that it has bought his way. He says “Setting up NextGen has been a lot of hardwork, on my part and on part of my wonderful team at NextGen. Since entrepreneurship is a path less traveled and being only a student, there were a lot of questions with regard to the credibility of NextGen. Having won B-plan competitions and after having been incubated at the CEL of Bits, Pilani and NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore, we have proved that NextGen means serious business. After 2 years of hardwork, we now have an esteemed and satisfied clientele including Intel, YES Bank, MNRE, Govt. of India to name a few. To convince organizations to undertake carbon accounting has been a big challenge. But awareness is increasing at an exponential rate and we are finding it progressively easier to approach clients with the concept of carbon accounting.”

“When I founded NextGen, we went in for specialization in footprint accounting only. Because of our narrow concentration, we had a lot of difficulty in finding clients. After diversifying our range of services to biogas plant installations, CDP and also to energy auditing, approaching and offering the services desired by clients has become easier.”


The financial element has been negligible for NextGen. Abhishek exults saying “Thankfully, NextGen required very little capital at the time of its initiation since it is an intellect based company. Our products are intangibles, which mostly require on location data-collection and then calculations and analysis using software. We were incubated at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Bits-Pilani, which provided us with office space and other essential infrastructure, when NextGen was launched. Since then, we have grown in presence and scale and are incubated at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore currently.”

The progress they have made has been swift and sure which bodes well for all of us. Abhishek says “NextGen, as a company has grown exponentially in the past year. We have bagged multiple projects on a mammoth scale in the recent few months and are looking to expand our team aggressively.”

“The biggest success so far has been the incubation of NextGen at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. This has provided us with the backing of a very reputed brand, the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Clients and people have started looking at us with a great deal of confidence and respect since our incubation at IIM Bangalore.” 

“Personally, I have been invited to climate summits in Portugal, wherein I have rubbed shoulders with renowned environmental scientists from across the globe. I have also been invited to the Copenhagen Summit in December. NextGen is now a recognized brand since our incubation at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore. We have been featured on various national newspapers including the Economic Times and the Bangalore Mirror.” 

The lure of a 9-5 is nonexistent for our Green Crusader. Despite well meaning opposition from family Abhishek has fought the good fight and emerged victorious. He says “There have been hard times, when my parents have tried to force me to give up on NextGen. There have been times when we had an office, but had absolutely no clients. But I have stood by NextGen and my dreams during these hard times, and we are now on our way up.” 

His devotion towards entrepreneurship runs deep and he believes it has been a guiding force on how to conduct business. He says “Entrepreneurship has taught me the value of freedom. At NextGen, I, with my team, make all decisions concerning us. We decide our deadlines and stick to them. We have created our very own work ethics. We have an identity of our own. There are ups and downs, but that's just a part of life. We work hard and aim for the stars. The results have started showing now.” 

Their objectives for the coming years are aimed towards growth and spreading their message. Abhishek states “NextGen as an organization should grow in size and scale. We want to set up offices in Singapore and Portugal in 2010 and are looking at taking the message to green living to more educational institutions and corporates.” 

Abhishek aired his views on what he deems an entrepreneur should keep in mind. He says “If you have a dream, pursue it in spite of any obstacles. Don't quit.”

Yourstory wishes Abhishek and NextGen strength and success in their endeavors to making our World a better place.