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Karthik Yanamandra, Founder, Anmipro Technologies Private Limited

Friday August 28, 2009 , 4 min Read

Passion is something we look for in every entrepreneur, and all of them have it, but not like Karthik Yanamandra does. Passion should have been his middle name, because come rain or shine this entrepreneur is all about his company. Anmipro Technologies Private Limited is the enterprise blessed with Karthik at the helm. He succinctly explained what they do saying “We are one of the leading design and Technology Companies in India. We provide services, consultancy and develop products with perfect blend of creativity, technology and management.”

“Everything that we do is based on the strong foundation of Research. Research on the market trends, technologies, opportunity analysis in the industry is a constant part of our daily operations. Our business operates on two simple Push and Pull Strategy.”

He has the pulse of the market all figured out and is building the foundations of their future on it. “As mentioned, we are working on simple Push and Pull Strategy. Providing service to clients and Developing some Creative and Easy to use Products helps to Scale-up the business.” says Karthik

His dreams were woven around creating a enterprise all his own. He explains his motives saying “It was a child hood dream to become an entrepreneur. I was sure I am going to start my own business rather doing a 9-5Job.”

“This company represents my Ideas, my Passion and my Ambition. I consider this as my first child and I work day and night to nurture it. I guess that’s the only reason why I don’t feel tired or let down when things are not as right as they should be. My determination to grow this company (many think it’s over confidence) has pushed me against all limits.”

He may have been motivated but the real world had a harsh lesson to impose on him. He says “The biggest challenge for a self funded organization is MONEY!!!! With no funding – Financial Crunch was inevitable. We had to plan each investment 10 times more carefully. The experience for sure has taught us the value of money at ground Zero. As we know the value of the money – we know what it demands in return. This is the best lesson we gained for all the hardship the team went through – ‘Best Quality at Affordable Prices.’ As there were no God Fathers or Finance and Experience behind us to run the show, there were many mistakes we committed and we learnt the lesson from every mistake we made and now we are matured enough not to commit mistakes and plan things more clearly.”

His dreams had very solid foundations, and he proved his detractors wrong with just 250 rupees and his system. He recalls “I worked on a project and raised some money which helped in registering the company.” 

His growth Strategy revolves around Research, Quality, Time and Management. Though his team is comparatively small, he believes they have what it takes to compete and states “Presently I have a team of 5 members who are specialized in their own streams. We have no other branches. Anmipro plans to expand its operations five folds by 2014. Our Services will be more enhanced and will be ONE STOP SOLUTION for all the mobile & Internet requirements for the education, entertainment, Interactivity and Technology.”

Their fortitude and skill has been acknowledged in many ways. Karthik says “We won an award from ISB (Indian School of Business) for Best Business Plan on Jan 29th 2009.”

“Company wise Winning an Award from ISB is one and Projects wise, our works speaks. Presently some projects are in the pipe lines which have good numbers behind them.”

Karthik has always had the qualities that make a great entrepreneur and advises others to inculcate them too. He recognizes “Hard Work, Passion, Goal, Commitment and Management Skills.” as being the hallmark of an entrepreneur.  

Yourstory has faith in Karthik abilities and firmly believes that his name shall someday be synonymous with Entrepreneurship. We wish him and Anmipro luck with their expansion plans.