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Ravi Kiran, Founder, GoLive Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd

Monday August 31, 2009 , 4 min Read

“Indian Gaming experience”

Gaming in India used to be an underground phenomenon, with geeks hunched over computer screens, using hacked game software to compete with each other. Since the last decade or so, gaming in India has taken on a life of its own, and using a virtual tank on your rival’s avatar is no longer frowned upon. Ravi Kiran has seen the future, and he believes that gaming will be a very big part of it. 

His instincts have guided him to venture forth and create GoLive Gaming Solutions Pvt Ltd. The Young Entrepreneur explained what they do for those who are yet to get their game on. He says “GoLive Gaming Solutions is a game services company which creates the mainstream gaming channel in India via online/offline event management; creates a game repository with media and web-portal infrastructure for a gaming revolution to happen in India. GoLive offers brand positioning via innovative new age media techniques like in-game advertising. GoLive organizes online and offline game events which create the mainstream gaming channel (an interface between the gaming industry and the gaming community in India). GoLive’s community centric strategy enables it to entertain related functions like game development and game/media publishing.”

Ravi has put in his best efforts to ensure that the gamer’s lifestyle reaches a newer more tech savvy generation. He says “We started a grass root revolution from the gaming community which appeals to gamers across India, and can hopefully create the ecosystem to gaming to grow in India. Unlike the established players, we kept our focus on taking gaming to the grassroots, which is why we have had a great success at college and cafe levels.”

“We have ventured into the area of publishing games already, and once we open a chain of gaming cafes; we could scale up to be the biggest in the gaming industry.” 

Ravi threw his hat in the entrepreneurial ring once he saw that the other players in the gaming sector were not making the cut. He says “The gaming industry was going down in spite of a lot of major players entering it, and lots of money being poured in. We realized there gap between the gamers and the gaming companies in India and decided to bridge the gap. There was also this threat of our beloved industry being wiped off due to silly mistakes of big companies.”

His motive was not just to make a business flourish, but to ensure that future generations of gamers would not have to lose out on anything. He says “Challenge is to make the industry leaders realize their mistakes, and we have created enough impact that they depend on our consulting expertise today to guide them through their challenges.” 

“We have started our services and consulting verticals which helped us earn consistent revenues. We have one development branch in Hyderabad and two branches in Bangalore and Chennai which operate in sales and marketing areas.” 

There is more good news for the brotherhood of gamers in India as Ravi informs us saying ”We have successfully developed our gaming framework, which helps reduce the multiplayer game development time frame from around two months to less than fifteen days.” 

They have been recognized by their adoring public, and have been judged as the best thing to happen to Indian gaming. Ravi says “Our event was rated the best gaming event of the decade in neutral forums.”

Ravi aired his thoughts on what GoLive Gaming Solutions means to him saying “My organization is an extension of the creative abilities of the team members, as we create new games and come up with the marketing solutions for major companies to reach out to the virtually invisible gaming market in India.”

Ravi dispenses advice to whoever has a dream they wish to follow and says “Where there is a will there is a way, and recession is when start ups find themselves on the pedestal along with the biggies.”

YourStory wishes Ravi and GoLive Gaming Solutions fun and fortune on their mission to establish a true Indian Gaming experience.