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Sumit Shah, Founder: BOOM Entertainment

Monday August 31, 2009 , 3 min Read

Event Management, Live Celebrity shows, Corporate Events, Exhibitions, Wedding Management and Bulk SMS, this is what BOOM entertainment is all about. The company formed by Sumit Shah about 6 years back is now a well known name in Baroda when it comes to organizing big events in the city.


The story started 6 years back when Sumit Shah, a young amateur businessman started his career with a big celebrity show featuring Shefali Zariwala, of the 'Kanta laga' fame, in Baroda; but the show met with little success that was a huge setback for Sumit. “Like a young stud I wanted to start my career with a bang so I invited the hot sensation Shefali Zariwala to Baroda but due to the intervention of the VHP the show flopped and I suffered a huge loss,” said Sumit Shah.

 But resolute as he is, Sumit started again, but this time with caution and slowly and steadily started to develop his business in Baroda. He started BOOM entertainment and began to organize events in the city. “After a failed start to my business career I began to organize the events in a more organized manner and slowly earn fame for my work from my clients. In addition, I mainly relied on word of mouth publicity and personal relations to resurrect myself and my business,” said Sumit. He added that BOOM is now a well known name in Baroda for any major entertainment related event. With a career spanning 6 years in the field, Sumit has deservedly earned his name with mega celebrity shows in Baroda. After the initial debacle, Sumit successfully organized live shows of First Indian Idol Abhijit Sawant, Sonu Nigam and many more.


With his creativity and willingness to work hard, Sumit has now turned his attention to other horizons. After gaining repute in the event management industry, Sumit turned his attention to the SMS marketing. “I started BOOM SMS in 2007 and provided bulk SMS promotions to my clients in all over India. With a tie up with 12 banks in the country I give my clients tension free online trading in SMS promotions. The clients just choose their required package from my site and pay the amount,” said Sumit. BOOM SMS has the monopoly in Baroda in SMS marketing with a 750 strong clients list.


Further diversifying his business offerings, Sumit turned his attention to total wedding management this year. He added that in the next one year he will mainly focus on socialite wedding events across the country and abroad all the way to Canada, US and UK.


Started with an initial budget of Rs 2.5 lakhs, Boom entertainment has registered a growth of 25 % to 30% growth every year and also expanded its operations to other cities including Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot.


When quizzed about the major hurdles he faced in his entrepreneurial journey, Sumit commented that in 2007, the scarcity of manpower almost forced him to quit business, but his willingness to work forced him to stay put and focused. Now with a good reputation and flourishing business, Sumit eyes to conquer many things in life. Speaking about his achievements till date he proudly said that it was the BATA showroom inauguration in Baroda in a single day and the Sonu Nigam night which earned him fame and accolades.


Finally concluding the interview, Sumit Shah says that "dedication, self confidence and will power shape the destiny of an entrepreneur." YourStory wishes him all of that and much more as BOOM continues to flourish.