Urvi Chauhan, Owner & Creator, STUDIO U | C

25th Aug 2009
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One would suppose that life offers very few avenues to a single mother, much less entrepreneurship, and one would also be proved wrong. It is therefore remarkable, and it is a word that applies very strongly to our entrepreneur in question, what she has achieved in her young life. Urvi Chauhan is at first glance much like any one of us, but her spirit runs much deeper than the eye can see. She is the owner, designer, and creator of STUDIO U | C a fashion studio and production unit and an entrepreneur par excellence.

Yourstory found out more about her and her work through her words. She says “My main aim of designing is to keep alive our Indian traditional art, crafts, designs & influence people across the globe. I have put lots of efforts to run this business single handedly and to make each and every product unique and elegant.”  

“I have done my Post Graduation in Arts and Professional studies in Fashion Designing from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). Soon after I started my business by making my 1st Eco friendly garment, in the year 2000.

After garnering experience in different countries like India, Nepal, Dubai, and London as a designer and exposing myself to the domestic and international market, for over 10 years, I launched my signature label this year. I design


”My brand label is called “Urvi Chauhan” which repress                                                                                              

who have their own charisma & dare to wear different, who would be

Unique | Decent | Elegant                                                                                                                                    

My Men’s wear line speaks about our classy Metro MAN., who is STYLISH | SOBER | SLEEK who wants to look different in the crowd!”

Her aims might be to achieve something for herself, but she will not do it at the cost of others. Her designs are a sign that the way we see ourselves in the world is changing. She says “In today‘s time where global warming is a big issue for the world, we the young blood & future of India have to take some serious action against that. As a Fashion Designer I’m trying to use and sell more organic and natural Fabrics, cloths and items. Now a day’s people are more into basic things that are natural fibers.”

“I would say it’s rather easy to design western wear, as there are 100 of photographs to seek the inspiration from. But when it comes to authentic ethnic designs, its lot more difficult as one has to be really very innovative... So the scope of this business is Tremendous, very high. The effect of recession is lamented globally, its only bridal collections that have done well last year.”

“As a designer I keep a wearability factor in my designs. All my costumes are more wearable, elegant & timeless.” Her designs are reasonably priced when compared to international markets.

Studio U | C covers all the area of designing like:

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 “Urvi Chauhan” Label (Prêt | Bridal | Couture| Red Carpet)

U | C  Designs (Casuals | Formals)

U | C  Style (Films | Dramas | Serials | Media)

U | C Make Over (Changing a person’s look completely)

U | C Made to Measure (Customer made Stitching)

U | C Job works (Designing for Wholesale & exports)

U | C Uniforms (Uniform Designing for all corporate)

“We are running a job work unit where I design for retail groups, garment exporters, boutiques, clothing companies etc. in bulk. Here my idea is to reach out the masses across the country and not just restrict to a Niche domain. I have skilled artisans from rural areas. All the garments are hand-made, hand woven and hand stitched that provides maximum employment to the rural society. Although my work is hand-crafted; the studio has the ability to cater to large orders as well with equal ease and efficiency. My motto is to develop traditional crafts and techniques in a modern context and ensure that it is the artisans who profit from their craft.”

Her clientele is mainly made of women and she designs keeping their various roles and moods in mind. Urvi says “U | C woman of today is multi faceted and acts in various roles. She is a powerhouse at work, a glamorous socialite, a provocative teenager, an elegant mother of two, a Chanel 5 addict, and a young energetic grand mom! Her repetitive of moods and the characters that she plays in her life range from the innocent to the glamorous, girlie to the ultimate seductress. Though she channels numerous roles and responsibilities, the ultimate vision is always singular, the love of being a goddess, a siren, a diva, a woman, a success.”

“All my designs are “TIMELESS” Beauties, because In my designs I take inspiration from our rich Indian cultural heritage, so they are all always  “UNIQUE “.I design only single piece. So if you buy my design today it will be wearable after 10 years also, in my business that is the “USP”. We design bridal trousseaus and it sells more because my clients always like my concept of traditional theme base costumes with modern designs in their budget. A lot of thought and effort is put into minute details of the product. At Studio U | C, you have total privacy to work with the designer .Its a one to one relationship. I personally handle all my clients by prior appointments.” 

After spending many years abroad she returned to her homeland to form her company. She built it form the ground up and her fame was spread by those who loved her designs. She may be a well known name in India but her goal is to go international. She says “I’m planning to scale up my business for a niche in Domestic & International Market. In five years time I would like to launch my brands chain stores across the Globe.”

As a designer Urvi was not pleased with working for someone and when she had her chance to showcase her own designs, she took it. She explains “In a 9-5 job you are working for someone where you are not using your full potential the way you want, and also I like to be my own boss. I can use my creativity, my ideas ,my inspiration the way I want and spread my talent into larger volume.”

With no business experience Urvi did not have it easy and she confesses that she “Worked/working hard to establish my business, and prove myself and to be honest still learning. I don’t think one can ever overcome any challenge as one challenge is gone next is waiting for you. Especially in the business I am in, it’s changing every time. This business is like a baby for me who takes my most of the time, money & attention.”

They have a head office in Ahmedabad, and are planning branches in Mumbai, Dubai & London. A one time Mtv talent hunt hopeful Urvi has won many a singing contest but is better known for her designs. She reveals her accomplishments saying “I have designed costumes for:

Miss India World Wide Pageant

Miss India South Africa (Durban)

Designed Uniforms for Many Airlines & Airports

Designed 5 star & & star Hotel Uniforms

Selected as a Judge in many Fashion Shows & Dance Competition”

“When I was in Dubai, I got the challenge to design Uniforms for approximately 1000 people in just a week's time. When it comes to airlines & airport uniforms you have to keep many things in your mind while designing, I was supposed to design from Ground Duty Staff towards Cabin Crew. From sketching, swathing, mood board, storyboard, Final Presentation I was all alone. It was a very challenging job for me but I took a breath when I got the news they approved my 1st Presentation, out of 15 almost 13 designs were selected. I think as a Designer it’s a big achievement for me on such a short notice. Today I feel proud when I see many airlines wearing uniforms designed me.” Urvi devotes her spare time to an NGO and raises fund for Mentally Retarded children.

Though at times she wishes she had more free time to take vacations, Urvi would not trade her work for anything. She credits her focus and commitment to “Interest, Creativity and Passion for fashion. I just cannot live without any new thoughts in my mind. Sometimes I feel I don’t have enough time to execute what all I have in my mind. I start my day at 6 am. And it ends at 12 pm.”

Urvi is truly remarkable, and her story serves as inspiration to those who may otherwise think better of pursuing their dreams. Yourstory wishes Urvi a grand opening for her soon to be launched offices, and hopes for her continued presence and success in the world of Entrepreneurship.

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