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Pramod Rao and Prothit Sen, Founders,

Tuesday September 01, 2009 , 4 min Read

Entrepreneurs do different things to attract attention to their ventures. Choosing a name that stands out is one of them and with a name like eLitWit, the latest entrant to the world of online quizzes and games, the founders can be sure that there will be attention, lots of it. Says Pramod Rao, founder of the start-up, "eLitWit is a weird name but like Oscar Wilde says - weird names are always damn cool!"

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur, Pramod who is also in a job and manages this part-time describes his venture, “eLitWit is a portal for literary activities and fun and that is what we do. There are quizzes, Pictionary, blogs and other options to keep a visitor engaged in a fun way. Having just started out, we want to focus solely on creative events, replicating the literary activities conducted at school and college events.”

Hence allowing for more interaction, the team has included more features like an Utter Crap-o-Meter where users can rate movies, another where one can write poems, stories or even just crib about their boss.

The idea seems to have found its takers since in just about four months since launch, there have already been 5000 visits with 50% returning visitors and the registration list reaching a hundred members.

Although first time entrepreneurs, they have already realized that real success will take more. “We are yet at a nascent stage. Our source of income now is only through website ad revenues. However, scaling up will include moving offline. On ground, our business model will revolve around weekend clubs where events will be conducted in the NCR and will invite membership through a nominal fee. On the web platform, premium membership features, newsletter as also a merchandise section is on the cards”, explains Pramod.

Plans are already underway in action with plans to increase presence through tie-ups with schools and colleges for workshops, with companies active in the literary field to promote the events and an annual literary fest for the youth, starting with the NCR and then expanding to other regions.

Adjacently, quizzing remains priority, which the team feels is restricted to niche quizzing circles in its current form and hence they want to extend the concept across a broad spectrum of literary and other events. The promotion of literary blogging, affiliations with organizations like Indiblogger and other forms of literary expressions such as merchandise, posters, webcomics are also kept in focus.

If there are any doubts that one begins to build about the young entrepreneur taking up too much on his plate, Pramod eases them out just as easily, “Focusing on covering too many things in a very short span of time has been a mistake we have learnt from. However, the freedom in doing this is exhilarating. I do what I want to do which is what I love doing the most. This alone is enough to drive me towards success.”

Ask Prothit about his sartup experience so far and the young entrepreneur remarks, - "It has been like re-creating those college-day experiences- creating quizzes, coming up with whacky suggestions, settling creative short, "Doing something" to break away from the corporate circle of life!"

For now, the team is content with moving ahead at the pace and schedules decided keeping in mind the initial challenge that they faced in co-ordination with team members across different locations which has now been smoothened to everyone’s comfort. “Just do it” is the message that they send out to budding entrepreneurs.

The other three dynamic members of this young startup are -

Shishir Dash who writes most of the movie reviews is pursuing his Phd in Electrical Engineering in SUNY, Stony Brook (NY, USA)

Vishal Kumar who is incharge of design is pursuing post grad course in National Institute of Design Ahmedabad

Aneesh Jain, who helped in the initial kick off and structuring of the website forum works in the social sector place which involves lot of travel