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Revati Dilip Borawake, Owner, ’Reva’ - The Apparel Store

Monday September 14, 2009 , 3 min Read

Designer labels are an expanding phenomenon to spread through India and our growing fashion conscious have been lapping it up. It is no secret that many entrepreneurs have made a beeline to lodge a foot in the door of this niche segment, but not many have been able to do it with the vigor mustered by Revati Dilip Borawake. Her label “Reva” is already synonymous with homespun panache and elegance.

Revati reveals the nuances of her brand for the benefit of our readers saying

“Our label does ready-to-wear apparel for men & women. Mostly, in Indo-western styles. We use ethnic fabrics primarily & the silhouettes are western. We also customize garments for a select few customers; we do ethnic, western, formal & informal wardrobes for them. We often make accessories like bags, ties & belt to match our garments. The latter is our USP.”

Their future is ensured by their capacity to deliver and create new modes of fashion. They also plan to introduce makeovers and expand their areas of influence.

Revati says “We’re fairly small right now. We’re looking to expand the nature of its business n’ incorporate things like image consultancy & personal & wardrobe make-overs under it. We have around 30-50 regular customers n’ a foot-fall of about 50-150 walk-ins.”

Her take on entrepreneurship is based on the core values that the lifestyle offers to its followers. She says “It gives us the liberty to run the trade on our terms. As opposed to being told what to do. Ours being a creative line, there’s bound to be a difference of opinion n’ ideas if I were to work under somebody else. Our team gets along superbly with one another; that really works well for us.”

Their problems have had more to do with geographical positioning then anything else; Revati reveals their shortcomings saying “We’re located in an area which is not really famous for apparel stores. It’s been a challenge for us to get noticed.

If she were allowed to Revati would reverse some of her decisions in the past. However, the lack of a Time machine at present means she has to settle with voicing her sorrows. Revati says “Spent too much money on the interiors at the onset, extra cash in the bank is essential as a safety net in the first few years.”

Revati might have been better known for her honors certificate in the English language at the ISC level (the highest in the state of Maharashtra.), but of late the entrepreneur in her has made her presence felt. Her label needs no introduction with its own distinct charms and she gushes “People are often able to tell a ‘Reva’ design. We’re distinctive. N’ that’s always been our primary aim. Our most valued customers today have come in through reference. We’ve established goodwill & that’s encouraging.”

“We’ve been covered by the media. We style shoots for newspapers n’ magazines, & I’ve even judged the Mr & Miss Pune for Pune Times.”

Her reasons for braving the ebb and tide of fortune are simple, she says “The gratitude that our customers have for the work that we do for them is definitely motivating for us. And of course we love what we do too.”

Revati offers words of encouragement and wisdom to those looking to take the entrepreneurs road saying “Follow your own rhythm, it’s often times tough at the onset, but don’t give up. And if it isn’t going to work out for you, you’ll know it first.”