Shiraz Henry, Founder, Find Casting & Advertising

The right cast can elevate a script from a commonplace production to one that can have far reaching effects, both monetarily and career-wise. To find and recruit the right kind of talent would take the skills of one who is not just connected but also a great judge of aptitude. Shiraz Henry is a professional photographer, graphics designer and entrepreneur, who has a nose for finding talent and creating opportunities.

His venture under the name of “Find Casting & Advertising” may be the one factor that can change your fortunes. Shiraz spoke more about their extensive areas of ability saying “FIND ( films n designs ) has 2 divisions

Find Casting : This division looks after the casting of candidates in reputed films , serials , video albums , print ads and commercials. We only do quality work of guiding the artists / models in good and reputed projects. It is not the regular run of the mill casting agency.”

“Find Advertising, Photography and Designing” is Shiraz’s personal domain where he oversees “Photography: All type of professional photography is handled in this division. Fashion photography, portfolios, session for film publicity, Industrial photography, interior / exterior photography, table top …, you name it. Designing, all type of Creative Designing on computers.

Films publicity designing ( posters , hoardings, magazine ads ), serials , video albums , Print ads for all ( Jewelers , Exporters , garments , malls , pharmaceuticals , etc). Advertising: All type of advertising .Outdoor / indoor publicity, events, promotions, commercials, print ads etc.”

Shiraz has a philosophy for his entrepreneurial aspirations based on transparent values. He says “Our company is based on simple principals, quality at a very less price. The best work the Industry needs, very creative and extra ordinary results. For example even if a movie has a small budget, we give it a “BIG” look and do not compromise on creativity or quality of designs and photographs.”

“Its simple, the business is generated by good word of mouth publicity and your good nature towards your clients. Money is not everything and we need to give our best to all the clients equally.”

A born entrepreneur Shiraz credits the stars and fate itself for blessing him with the temperament of a self made man. He says “Born on 9th of August, a LEO cannot work under anyone. Always did what I wanted and achieved the target. Besides that a regular 9 – 5 job doesn’t permit creative liberty.”

The can-do attitude and self confident air is not one founded on mere claims, Shiraz has a truly leonine approach to life and its trials. He jovially casts aside his worries saying “The biggest challenge is to arrange funds for smooth running of any business and how to overcome it is always a challenge and trade secret, ha ha” 

Their approach is well planned and so is their growth. Shiraz has taken steps to ensure that the variables do not affect their progress. He says “We have 2 branches and growth is always planned keeping in mind the market. But out motto is simple ‘Quality at economical price’

Driven by “The success” of his creative work that is lauded all across India Shiraz envisions the future saying “See a growth of 100% . To achieve targets which we didn’t achieve in the past year all together.” 

Shiraz has learnt many lessons and is wary where money is concerned. He advises and cautions fellow entrepreneurs saying “Don’t trust any one in business and don’t show that you don’t trust them. Don’t waste time, time never comes again.”

Yourstory wishes Shiraz and “Find” luck with their next big find. We wish them the best that providence can muster and hope to see more of their work.