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Swapnil Khandelwal, Founder, Neo Educators

Sunday January 10, 2010 , 5 min Read

"Reviving Education"

The word 'Neo' means 'New-Revived' form. "Our mission is to bring about a revolution in education industry by providing services that are unmatched with any other methodology of teaching," states Swapnil Khandelwal, founder of the NeoEducator tutoring services.

A formidable and successful exam preperation through a strong structured mentoring is what NeoEducators is all about. NeoEducators is the brianchild of Swapnil Khandelwal, an ex-student of Dhirubhai Ambani Institute. His venture promises to offer students a complete personalised solutions for their test preparations.

Business idea

"NeoEducators offers students exam preparation services through the medium of online tutoring. We coach students to prepare for their exams by providing them live private tutoring from skilled tutors over the internet. Our student-tutor interaction takes place through an online whiteboard where by they can interact among themselves very easily and conveniently," says Swapnil.

He further adds,"We offer totally personalized curriculums in order to ensure that a student receives just what he wants in order to excel in his exam. To add to a student’s convenience we offer 24x7 availability of our tutors and a complete freedom to schedule sessions. We also monitor a student through analysis, progress and feedback reports in order to track and hence ensure his success."

NeoEducator boasts of having high technological backing, researched teaching pattern, exhaustive study materials and polished tutors; and according to the founder, this is their mantra for success.

Target market

Their platform enables students to schedule classes with highly skilled private tutor anytime during the day and that too at afordable prices!

"Imagining a situation where one does not need to be in the place where the best education of training is being imparted, does not have to travel, does not have scheduling conflicts; in itself is a revolution," says Swapnil. His organization aims to bring about this revolution.

The scope of the organization is catering to students all across the globe for their personalized educational needs and in turn offering opportunities to thousands of tutors who can work from home anytime they want and still get highly paid!

What sets them apart

"Our blend of extensive research in all our products, high technology, teaching pattern, our study materials and experienced tutors make us the best in our services," Swapnil proudly asserts.

Swapnil and his team at the NeoEducators understand that it may just be regular tutoring for them but for the student it is his career that is at stake. So they consider it not only their duty but also their responsibility to take care of every student that is enrolled and make sure that he receives whatever is needed to achieve his goals.

"And so each and every student becomes valuable and helping him reach the best of his potential is our primary aim, " says this young entrepreneur.

He further adds,"Our commitment to ensure a student’s success, our uniqueness in web technology, products, offerings and quality services set us apart from any other business model"

Future plans

Swapnil is certain about what needs to be done in the coming years and says, "We are currently offering services only for SAT, ACT and PSAT but very soon we are going to provide GRE, GMAT, CAT and other exam preparation services too. We are also planning to offer after school help in terms of tuitions to foreign students."

"We aim at creating a platform where students are just one click away from receiving the finest training for all competitive examinations. We are thriving to take an edge on classroom and private face to face teaching by providing real time services that are no less effective than the traditional methods."

His entrepreneurial journey

The founder of Neo Educators believes that a regular job is not his cup of coffee and says "I am very imaginative and able to execute my ideas no matter what they demand. So I knew it from the way before that 'Yeah I have it in me' and when I executed it well I never felt like giving up. This is how much I enjoy working as an entrepreneur."

"I have achieved a lot and still achieving. I started it alone and now have a team .We have nearly completed our product development phase and the reviews and feedback is heartening. We have two branches and five employees in India and one branch and one employee in the US."

Swapnil spent a lot of time to get his product ready because he wanted it to be the best and so got late to start with marketing. However, he has done a credible job.

He says there are new challenges almost everyday and he really cannot differentiate which challenge is bigger or smaller but his belief, family support and incidental happenings themselves help him to overcome them.

Recognition gained

"Getting influenced by our work we now have the mentoring of self-made entrepreneurs. This is our gretest recognition so far,"says Swapnil. We are sure there are more achievements waiting for this entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurial lessons

Swapnil Khandelwal shares his wise words for the budding entrepreneurs and says "If you feel like starting venture, you have a genetic disorder. Don’t fight against it, fight with it. Make it your strength and you will see the results soon!."

YourStory hopes for the best and wishes Swapnil a successful journey in the coming years.