Entrepreneurs : Its raining computing--YourStory Exclusive Interview with LNV Samy, Vice President of Engineering, Global Technology Center - Australia, China and India, Unisys

Tuesday February 16, 2010,

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Global IT Company Unisys held the Grand Finale of Cloud 20/20 Technical Paper Contest at ITC Royal Gardenia, Bangalore today. YourStory through our generous host Swetha Mahesh, Senior Specialist-Communications, Unisys India had the opportunity to have an exclusive chat with LNV Samy who is the Vice President of Engineering, Global Technology Center - Australia, China and India, Unisys.

LNV Samy has over 30 years of experience in the fields of research, development and engineering in various multi-national organizations including BAE Systems(Australia), Fujitsu(Australia) and ABB(India)

He has to his credit several published papers and journals in Software Engineering.Samy has been a member of the panel of judges for Australian Business Excellence Awards for several years now.

This down to earth Uni of Madras alum from down under shared his thoughts on cloud computing and how its beneficial to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

YS : Cloud computing is something we hear a lot.Can you explain what cloud computing is in simple words.

Samy : Cloud computing to me is the ability of customers/end users to have IT on the cloud whether it be platform or infrastructure or software. Basically it is IT as a service where you have the flexibility to pay for your use. As a result the entry barrier for small and medium enterprises in removed.

He gives an example where in a startup was able to fulfill all its IT needs with the restricted budget it had by going for on demand computing.

YS : What is the difference between a data center and cloud computing?

Samy : The key difference is the elasticity and flexibility. Use more computing only when you need it - this is the biggest advantage of cloud computing. Optimum utilization of resources is achieved. Cloud computing is customized computing solutions. Computing can be provisioned. If one needs a server for some time you can get in by the click of a mouse. So cloud computing is on demand which is an advantage. Also cloud computing continuous monitoring of your IT needs and scale up or down suitably.

YS : What do you think is the future of cloud computing?

Samy : A ubiquitous, seamless interaction of devices where in most of the data and applications will be in the cloud and users will use them whenever they need it.

YS : Is lack of availability of cheap bandwidth in India a hindrance to the growth of Cloud Computing in India?

Samy : Its only getting better and cheaper and we will see easy availibility of bandwidth, so that is not at all a hindrance

YS : Could cloud computing be the next big thing in Telecommunications as well?

Samy : Definitely and as bandwidth keeps on increasing it only facilitates faster deplyment of cloud computing

He goes on say that Unisys is very keen on working with startups as it makes better business sense for startups to use cloud computing as it has a better ROI.

YS thanks Samy,Swetha and Unisys for their support and encouragement.




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