Free Webinar: Improve Your Profitability With Practical Tips, Not Theories : February 18, 2010

Wednesday February 17, 2010,

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Make 2010 Your Most Profitable Year Ever w Anita Campbell

These days customers are pulling back and others are holding off on spending. That’s put pressure on small business profit margins. Times like these are perfect to take a long hard look at our business practices to see how to become more profitable.

In this webinar, Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends, together with guest “profitable growth” expert Andy Birol, will outline practical strategies you can do TODAY to lead to higher profits and growth with profitability. This webinar is not about theory – but practical techniques you can start applying today.

The webinar will cover How to

  • reduce and rethink your cost of delivery and service
  • identify which customers are creating your highest profit
  • increase profits from existing customers
  • package products for new channels
  • find new customers like your best ones today
  • convey the kind of value that customers will pay a premium for

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