Srishti Bajaj, Founder, Designbait

Thursday February 18, 2010,

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“Designing for Success”

If you feel that your product or service has difficulty distinguishing itself from the next brand, then you have a serious problem. Not only does this “just another fish in the sea” image eat into your market share but it also hinders growth. Srishti Bajaj is an entrepreneur who is talented as well as qualified to ensure that you are distinct from the crowd. She is an M.A. in product design from the Royal College of Art, London and is keen to utilize her skills to improve your chances. Her company “DesignBait” is a multi-disciplinary design & innovation consultancy- Using design thinking to help clients, facilitating independent projects, and establishing unique range of products under its own brand.

Business Idea- Srishti believes in creating more than just superficial makeovers for the desired product, she says “At DesignBait, our constant endeavor is to enrich lives by improving the qualitative experience of a designed product or service. We value the end user above all and are passionate about enhancing their lives, while operating within the dynamics of zeitgeist, cultures and markets. Our designers have worked and trained within India and Europe over the last 10 years, across categories of products and services, providing you with a holistic approach to design and trends that can help you surpass competitors across the globe.”

“We have the ability to forecast and interpret the implications of behavior and workout future scenarios to help clients make the right choice. Our user research helps put the Individual first; we identify, explore, understand opportunities for intervention and then create customized solutions to benefit both the Individual and the Client.”

Target Market- DesignBait is for everyone, whether you need to establish a brand identity or not. Srishti defined who else could use their services saying “DesignBait’s focuses on recognizing unidentified needs, whether functional and emotional. Our understanding on human behavior its desires and vices is unmatched. We help our clients to truly connect with their targeted consumers, find the gap that everyone is ignoring and provide solutions and consumer satisfaction that goes beyond the first contact.”

What sets them apart- Srishti explains how they differ from others aside from their catchy name and the services they provide saying “Our biggest differentiator is our perspective - the bottom up approach that helps devise bespoke solutions for our clients. Which can be explained through 3 basic steps – Abstraction – Perception, Thoughts – Strategy, Action – Solutions”

“These three stages of development involve Design Innovation, User Research, New Product Development, trends and forecasting, product design and development, 3-D structural design, 2D graphic design.”

Future plans – Srishti understand the value of having goals and targets, she spoke to us about what she plans for DesignBait in the coming years saying “My two-prong strategy is to scale the consultancy as well as the retail in India, starting in Delhi. We want clients and consumers to look beyond the obvious, discover beauty in unexpected places and appreciate the uniqueness of being different. Stand tallest in the crowd.”

Her vision for the year is “To put DesignBait as the most innovative design provider for discerning clients - where thinking out of the box is a way of life.”

Her entrepreneurial journey – Srishti is undoubtedly a bona fide designer but we wanted to know how she her passion evolved into a venture. She answers “I wanted to do what I want to do. I am extremely passionate about design and as an entrepreneur I have more freedom to explore ideas and experiment, invent and even make mistakes to learn from.”

Once she had decided the path her life would take, she had a tough time placating her near and dear ones. Srishti says “Convincing my parents that I wanted to start my own company and not pursue a high paying job in UK. I just dove in, head first and set up the studio.”

She has moved fast and made good in her chosen line but her position today is all due to the lessons she learnt. She shares her initial follies saying “Thinking that doing good work is enough to bring in Clients, I’ve realized the importance of marketing - if I don’t talk about what I do, no one else will.”

Recognition gained- Srishti is not only the recipient of the prestigious ‘Swarovski Award 2001‘ in her final year at NIFT, Delhi – for her project with TITAN Industries Ltd but as also been lauded by many institutions and entities.

Srishti states her long list of achievements saying “I’ve been hailed by IIM and the British council as one of ‘the top 20 creative entrepreneur in India” My work has also been published in esteemed global magazines like Viewpoint UK, Designing Ways, Dwell, Elle Décor UK, Platform, Trend Bible, Business Standard, Mint, India Today, the Telegraph, Deccan Herald etc. and critical design blogs and sites like core77, designboom, culiblog and we-make-money-not-art. We have been exhibited at London Design Week twice.”

Entrepreneurial lesson – Despite her obvious talents and her entrepreneurial acumen Srishti chalks up her success to something that people take for granted. She advises her ilk saying “Perseverance is the backbone.”

We wish Srishti luck and affluence in applying her passion for the benefit of others and hope to see her creative powers elevate many a product.

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