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Monday February 15, 2010,

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If you are sick, tired and frustrated at the speeds that your website loads up due to high latency to US based servers, but yet have no reasonably priced option to turn to in India, then maybe you have not heard of E2E Networks founded by Tarun Dua and Ashish Shukla yet. Tarun and Ashish have come up with a novel solution in the shape of E2E Networks that promises to change the present chicken and egg problems of slow high priced broadband and high cost of hosting content & applications in India.

Tarun attributes their battle ready status to the support he has received from Sun Startup Essentials, 'Sun Startup Essentials helps us with co-marketing and business networking'. The biggest advantage that comes with such an alliance is the business networking opportunities it provides.” E2E Networks other partners   include Microsoft Website Spark program and Hayai India's fastest broadband operation currently being setup in Mumbai.

Sun's partnership also provides E2E Networks with an option to leverage their technical expertise to scale up larger web operations by providing deep technical support for MySQL and other software stacks supported by Sun. Sun Startup Essentials initially had also provided E2E Networks with lab testing environment which helped in validating sizing for performance assumptions.

Business Idea- E2E Networks plans to do away with the twin road bumps that are slowing website response times in India. Their customers can avoid directly dealing with over priced national data centers and buying low cost but high latency hosting+bandwidth services available in US/UK based datacenters. E2E Networks makes sure that Indian companies have low latency hosting infrastructure in India and US style high volume of bandwidth available to them for US like low prices.Indian companies especially among the mid segment companies and startups do not have access to quality infrastructure services. They either have to choose data centers abroad with high latency or shell out a huge amount of money for data center services in India for buying expensively priced bandwidth here. This prompted him to come up with a business idea where in he could provide quality services to Indian companies within India for US like prices.

His entrepreneurial journey- Tarun has spent many years of his life buying and selling datacenter+bandwidth services for the companies he has worked with and as a consultant has helped companies to optimize their hosting, network infrastructure and bandwidth costs without compromising on performance.

Tarun spoke about why his company chooses to specialize in this segment saying “A lot of Internet players in India now recognize the importance of having their web applications available at a lower latency for faster response times for the end users and Internet audiences. The latency to US/German datacenters is around 350/300 ms which translates into several additional seconds while loading up pages of websites.”

“The big players (with requirements of a couple of dedicated servers and dedicated load balancing equipment) can actually afford to pay for co-location in the expensively priced Indian datacenters. The smaller blogs have the option of reducing their latency and response times by moving to Y! India Small Business hosting plan which is good for blogs and small LAMP sites. There are currently no competitively priced mid-segment offerings for Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers or public cloud computing environments available in India itself.”

“Where does that leave the Web 2.0 entrepreneurs and small mom and pop hosting businesses run by web developers? They all have a common need for administrative ( root ) access to their servers for installing custom software libraries etc. for their applications. A vast majority of them do realize the advantages of lower latency to reach their audience but most don't like paying 4 times the price for the same configuration available in US or UK. Practically none of the Indian datacenters advertise a dedicated server with a fixed monthly cost on their websites and many of them have un-usually long sales and provisioning cycles which startups can't afford to wait for. In fact a lot of people currently host and resell dedicated servers located in US/UK out here in India due to the non-competitive pricing strategies adopted by Indian datacenters.”

Future plans – Tarun will be making inroads into public cloud computing and plans to roll it out in the near future. 'Our public clouds would be compatible with IAAS broking services' allowing for seamless migration to and from other popular public cloud computing services allowing companies to take advantage of public clouds without any lockin.

Factors for Success – Tarun has faith in his products and explained to us why they will have positive results stating his reasons for it. Through the process of an aggregation based pricing strategy combined with power efficient virtualization we can create a competitively priced mid-segment for hosting in India with dedicated virtual private servers and a public cloud computing platform”

Gaining Traction – Tarun has a lot on his company’s plate and would love to have more. Their expertise in the area of datacenters has made them a much sought after entity. Tarun says “We are being virtually incubated at Amity Business Incubator. We started our hosting operations on November 1st and currently have clients ranging from a large domestic BPO in financial sector, a Micro-finance startup, A GPS/GIS startup, An online travel portal for a part of their infrastructure, upcoming Web 2.0 finance, e-commerce and education startups, large classified and news sites, an upcoming widget analytics startup and a growing pipeline built mostly with word of mouth and a fairly minuscule small marketing spend.”

Tarun seems to have played his cards just right and his venture seems to be a sure winner. As an extra insurance he also has the advice and experience of Tarun Upadhyay ( co-founder Hcentive.com), Puneet Gupt ( co-founder Cafestocks.com ), Freeman Murray (Angel investor wheresfreeman.blogspot.com) and Nilay Patel (VP sales at Backblaze.com) to draw upon in moments of need.

Yourstory believes that Tarun possesses all the ingredients for success and wishes him luck in making his dreams come true in the coming days.

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