YS Exclusive: Sasha Mirchandani, Mumbai Angel Network, talks about Ideas and Angel Funding in India

Thursday February 18, 2010,

1 min Read

"Entrepreneurship cannot be taught, it comes from within", says Sasha Mirchandani, who is the co-founder of Mumbai Angel Network and one of the key drivers of Angel Investment in India. Mumbai Angel Network comprises of group of investors who invest in early stage Startups, some still in the concept stage and nothing more than a presentation on the laptop. Sasha says,"This investment model, Seed Stage Investing is an under served genre with a huge


potential in India. While in the US we see almost 50,000 deals in seed stage investments its just around a 100 in India. We want to change this scenario and actively provide a platform where startups cannot only get angel fund, but an opportunity to validate their ideas." The reasons for this model of investment being underserved could be lack of knowledge and the tendency among Indian businesses to put the money back in to the family business. Sasha is passionate about building the Indian entrepreneurial ecosytem and is putting money in what he believes in. Hopefully we will see many more investments in this space.

Watch the video to learn more.

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