Jade Magnet : Creative crowdsourcing platform


Branding, advertising, animation, communication, graphic design, product design, and similar services, all under a single roof- Jade magnet.

It is one platform that provides multiple creative services to its customers through a network of thousands of creative providers.

This network is an excellent service provider of all kinds of creative services ranging from execution of campaigns, designing to plugging technology behind designs.

It is a free sign-up for the customers, who can browse through the website and choose from the thousands of service providers available for purposes like designing, executing creative assignments et cetera. For those who are willing to provide their services, they can add on to the database in the preferred field through a free registration procedure. All in all, it is one excellent base, providing the client with the supplier and the supplier with the client database to choose from, for the creative services it promises.

To check this brilliant business idea, log on to www.jademagnet.com

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