The official Twitter Developer Conference : Chirp

Tuesday March 16, 2010,

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Conference, Speakers from Twitter, After Party, Hack Day everything a Twitter Junkie would crave for. Join Twitter at Chirp where in the most influential people at Twitter will discuss future plans.


Day 1 will be a conference and some of the sessions are OAuth, Streaming, Business Strategies, Integration, Geolocation basically everything you would like to know about Twitter.

Speakers include:

Ev Williams, Twitter

Ev is CEO and co-founder of Twitter. You can find him on Twitter as @ev.

Biz Stone, Twitter

Biz is co-founder of Twitter. You can find him on Twitter as @biz.

Ryan Sarver, Twitter

Ryan is Director of Platform at Twitter. You can find Ryan on Twitter as @rsarver.

Dick Costolo, Twitter

Dick is COO at Twitter. You can find Dick on Twitter as @dickc.

24 Hour Hack Day:

You will be hacking away alongside Twitter's star developers.

There will be workshops to share your ideas and tips.A panel of judges will choose winning Hack Day apps and you can get investment for your business idea.

The Chirp Conference will take place at Palace of Fine Arts Theatre and the Hack Day will happen at The Herbst Pavilion, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.

To find out more click here

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