Digital Media Conclave - How it affects Business, Education & Citizen in 2010 & beyond...

Team YS
13th Apr 2010
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Social media is becoming a big buzzword this year. As social media matures and starts playing a bigger role within marketing campaigns, trio the businesses, education system and a citizen’s life, are beginning to see that social media can be integrated into many channels.

Word-of-mouth has always been vital in building loyal customers. Friends—whether online or offline—and family are trusted sources when making purchasing decisions. A recent study showed how online forum users are enthusiastic brand advocates and are taking their online activities to the streets, telling others about products and services they recommend. Not only are they recommending brands to their family and friends, they are also more likely to publish blogs and organize meet-ups, compared to non-forum users.

Consumers are merging their online and offline influences, and this could be a huge opportunity for any savvy marketer who sees these new possibilities.

In view of the above, CellStrat, a premium Mobile and Digital Research and Consulting company is organising it’s third conference on 21st. May’10 in India Habitat Centre on use of Digital Media (including online search, online publishing and social networks) aptly named “Digital Media Conclave,” to discuss various initiatives being taken by companies in India, various methods that can be used by Indian citizens, students and businesses together to create a well – connected world.

Speakers who have confirmed so far are

*    Sanjay Trehan, Head - MSN India, Microsoft

*    Dr M. M. Pant, Founder & Chairman, Planet EDU Pvt. Ltd.

*    Arvind Mohan, Group Chief Strategy Officer, Rediffusion Y&R

*    Prem Panicker, Managing Editor, Yahoo India

*    Thomas Clayton, CEO & President, Bubble Motion (USA)

*    Ashish Kashyap, Founder and CEO, ibibo

*    Sunil Lulla, MD and CEO - Times Now, ET Now, Zoom

*    Manish Agarwal, CEO - New Media Venture Ltd, UTV

*    Uday Sodhi, CEO - New Media, Balaji Telefilms Ltd

*   Chirag Jain, VP-Marketing, Webaroo (SMS GupShup)

*   Vijay Shukla, Founder and Managing Partner, Setu Ventures

*    Ankur Lal, CEO, Infozech Software

*    Anagat Pareek, Global Business Head, UshaComm

*    Harish Gandhi, Executive Director, Canaan Partners

*    Sanjay Bhasin, Angel Investor

*    Vikram Upadhyay, Angel Investor, Indian Angel Network

*    Sameer Guglani, Founding Partner, Morpheus Venture Partners

*    Vishal Singhal, CMO, CellStrat

It’s being said that in western world, companies should either adopt social media and flourish or be left out and go extinct in some time...

As digital and social media marketing mature, the demand for greater integration is evident. Marketers are quickly realizing that operating in a one-way marketing tunnel makes success impossible in this social media–saturated world.

Listening first and then communicating and engaging have become “musts” for any successful social media campaign. Results of a 2009 survey indicate that social media is becoming an integral part of most companies’ marketing campaigns:

  • 50%+ direct at least “a fair amount” of effort toward integrating social media marketing into their overall strategy. Recent popular examples being Barack Obama win in US Presidential Elections, or Dell’s rise in revenues by more than a million dollars etc.
  • Most will be investing in social media marketing in 2010
  • 40% of the above plan to shift more than a fifth of their traditional direct marketing budget toward funding their social media marketing activities

eMarketer’s report pointed out, “[Social Media] is yet another channel to be incorporated into an integrated communication strategy, rather than addressed on its own. And it can provide unique insights into the consumers who can now use earned media to build brands alongside marketers.”

Marketers increasingly still feel a need for education and training with social media, as more than one-third reported only being “minimally prepared.” The good news is organisations are planning to invest in training in this area. In addition to training, the survey findings also say that about one - third are investing in social media monitoring and analysis tools.

It will be interesting to hear from top professionals from various companies in Digital Media Conclave about how institutions have begun to use not only Facebook and Twitter to reach their audiences, but also have started to take even greater advantage of podcasting, message boards, forums, video sharing and the many other social media tools consumers are using today.

Marketers are becoming acutely aware of the need to integrate new media activities into their existing marketing plans and consumers are demanding greater social media engagement from the brands they follow most. This could be a win-win situation if carried out strategically.

Now it’s your turn. Register for Digital Media Conclave to know the best practices of the Industry, apply them in your work place or be left out and miss the train...

There is an early bird registration discount until April end post which normal price of Rs.1500 will be applicable upto event day i.e. 21st. May’10 in India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Updates and registrations details are available on www.digitalmediaconclave.com or www.cellstrat.com

Some of the questions that can be expected by the panellists in the conclave to answer can be:

  • How have you seen the growing integration of social media marketing change your company’s marketing strategy?
  • As social media matures, what are some ways you see this integration taking shape?
  • Trends in the Indian companies on usage of Digital Media...and many others...

Thus, it’s imperative to join the event to hear and network with the best...

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