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Sachin Puthran, Founder, Thatzit Pvt Ltd

Sunday July 18, 2010 , 5 min Read

ThatSir Founder

Communication will never get old neither will the varied avenues through which we communicate. With new technology and media on the rise a young entrepreneur has put his mind to work in a business idea. Sachin Puthran is the founder of Thatzit Pvt Ltd a Digital Design Technology company.Yourstory found out how they innovate and create engaging customer interfaces in a stirring conversation.

What kind of media solutions does your company offer?

Thatzit Private Limited is where you will find intelligent and innovative media solutions to your specific communication problems.

With our unique one-to-one approach and application of systemized processes that promote constant innovation, we lend our clients a cutting edge in their respective industries.

Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to see various media of communication as unique, but as essential parts of a complete, cohesive image. Our team is rich in a variety of talents from the fields of web design, animation, print work, and information technology.

ThatSir Logo

Together, we deliver unique solutions to the critical problems of our clients. We aim to create impeccably integrated work that surprises and delights our clients giving them more than what they expect each time.What are your range of services and strategies?

We provide turnkey creative solutions to our clients’ business needs and challenges. Our ideas are based on a well documented, systemized process of Research, Strategy, Creativity and Production. We are a team of 25 professionals comprising of Researchers, Strategists and Creative professionals like copywriters, Illustrators, Photographers, Animators, Editors and Film Makers.

We build end products that work as creative stimulators for the target audience thus generating desired customer responses which not only fulfill our clients’ immediate needs but also add sustainable value to their businesses.

What is the essence of your business model?

We listen, we scratch our brains with logic, we thrive on creative innovation and we deliver ideas that work for our clients

The business model is very simple....BE NATURAL. We believe that the best solutions are those that are SIMPLE to understand and to execute with the desired effectiveness to address client needs. Our simple, natural processes allow clarity and transparency in our approach. We work with clients who are visionaries and who are looking to define themselves and their products beyond the ordinary realms of business. We partner with them and work closely on their key challenges.

We discover new opportunities for them with a ONE TO ONE interaction with our clients, their staff and their business partners to thoroughly understand their needs and deliver solutions that genuinely and completely address their requirements. This sincere concern that we have for the success of our clients’ business has given us a unique credibility among them. This is evidenced by the fact that we do not have a marketing team. We have grown only by quality referrals by our clients.

Is your business looking at expansion any time soon?

We are currently positioning our company as a DIGITAL AGENCY providing SUSTAINABLE DESIGN SOLUTIONS. We do this with an inherent environmental consciousness through our Mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Infused in all our Work Processes

We are looking at the UK, Malaysia, Europe, US and Middle East markets

We are currently doing projects with US and BAHRAIN companies

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I have always been driven by passion towards the work that I take up. I have a Vision to make India the Ultimate Design Destination for Creative Talent. Life has made me rich in a variety of experiences that gives me the courage and clarity required for dealing with critical situations. I believe that we can make things happen with positivity and focus.

I think it is the zeal to do something different each time. My mind is trained to analyze quickly and come up with meaningful solutions. I am happy to work with Visionaries.

What has been the biggest learning lesson for you so far?

The biggest was ITERATION of team members. The challenge was to retain them in spite of critical financial problems in the early stages of the business. Also we needed to establish credibility among our business partners... We focused on quality and consistency and we delivered successful projects

Some of my blunders have been:

Trusting new clients who gave a false impression of being professional and HIGH profile but who actually duped us after the delivery of their projects… Depending on MIDDLE MEN who got estimates from us for International projects, which were never meant to materialize...? Over Delivery based on Clients’ new brief and requirements without charging an extra fee.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement?

We consider people as our biggest achievement till date followed by Innovation and Quality. We have past employees who bring in new projects. Many of them have also joined us back after working in other organizations.

Our Clients have grown in terms of small to large. Today we work with the decision Makers of the organization on a ONE TO ONE basis on various projects.

What do you feel budding entrepreneurs should understand before taking the leap?

I think that it is very important to understand the value of Life, People and Situations that turn into opportunities for success. Always be Alert, Updated and think ahead of times.

Yourstory thanks Sachin for his time and for answering our queries. We wish him good fortune and much inspiration on his entrepreneurial journey.