Call for papers for Ninth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship

Tuesday October 19, 2010,

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The Ninth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship bears testimony to the Institute’s pursuit of excellence and clear contribution to entrepreneurship education and training within India and abroad especially in South East Asian Countries. As India’s leading Institute of entrepreneurship education and research, EDI invites researchers, educators and practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship to participate in and contribute to the Ninth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship to be held during February 16-18, 2011 at Ahmedabad.

Consonant with eight biennial conferences over the past 16 years, the Ninth Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship continues to be an established forum for researchers, educators and practitioners to share their ideas and research results with other researchers and thinkers in the field, interchange feedback and sharpen their own ideas. Whereas researchers are invited to contribute papers and reports that promote understanding of entrepreneurship theory and practice, some indicative themes are:

Entrepreneurship in the SME Sector, Intrapreneurship, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Institution Building, Team Entrepreneurship, Gender and Entrepreneurship, Sectoral Entrepreneurship (eg. Agripreneurship, Edupreneurship, Ecopreneurship, etc.), Trans-generational Entrepreneurship.

Contributors may e-mail their submissions and inquiries to [email protected]

Submission deadline:

An Abstract (about 200 words) should be submitted through email by November 15, 2010.

An electronic version (MS Word) of the full paper should be submitted by December 17, 2010. Full papers (less than 4000 words, typed double space) must adhere to formatting and referencing guidelines of academic/professional journals.

Acceptance decisions on papers will be made by January 10, 2011.

Delegates to the conference shall be the guests of EDI. The EDI will meet on-campus boarding, lodging and conference kit expenses. Need based and limited support for travel expenses by rail/road may be considered for Ph.D. candidates whose papers are accepted for presentation in the conference.

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Gandhinagar (Gujarat) India.

Tel: (+91) (79) 23969153, 23969158 / 159 / 163.

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