Shishir Goenka, Founder, Fusion Clothing,

Saturday November 06, 2010,

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“Environmentally Friendly- Fusion Clothing”

Very few Indian companies can claim to have an ISO, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), OE 100 Certified factory or a dedicated will to offsetting its carbon footprint by sponsoring BNHS – Forestation Program & Solar power project of TERI. All environmental awareness aside the business idea of creating a line of organic clothing also sounds very marketable. Shishir Goenk is the entrepreneur behind Fusion Clothing who has made his environmental stance into a business idea marrying idealism to business practicality.

Yourstory learnt more from Shishir about Fusion clothing and his ongoing quest to conserve nature through environmentally friendly clothing.

What is the business idea behind Fusion Clothing?

Fusion Clothing started in 1992 with exporting t-shirts to New Zealand & Australia. Subsequently we expanded to Europe. Initially we did not have our own factory but we set up the same 4 years back. Our inspiration for Do U Speak Green came about due to the absence of smart looking & Organic Clothing in India. Most importantly, I have a passion for Wildlife & helping preserve our Natural Environment.

What makes Fusion Clothing a different entity from its competition?

We are India's 1st Eco friendly clothing Web store - 100 % Organic Cotton & Bamboo Clothing

World's 1st clothing  web store contributing 10 % of sales for Environment conservation to BNHS - Bombay Natural History Society. We have our own in house production facility & the quality is international.

What is the entrepreneurial hurdle that Fusion Clothing had a tough time with? Making people understand the importance of Organic Cotton, we are overcoming the same by educating them thru videos, etc.

In hindsight what could you have done better as an amateur entrepreneur?

I regret not making detailed financial plans before starting.

What goals have you set for Fusion Clothing in the coming 2 years?

To contribute to the improvement of our Natural Environment with support from our citizens

What is the technology platform you are using at Fusion Clothing?

Fusion Clothing usesOpen source webstore” as its technology platform.

What entrepreneurial lesson should your peers pay attention to?

Live your dream but with careful planning.

Yourstory wishes Shishir Goenka and Fusion Clothing good fortune in their quest to conserve our natural environment. We commend their combination of green thinking and entrepreneurial passion. Have a peek at their apparel

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