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Sunday November 14, 2010,

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Do you often switch between pages managing all your social media profiles? Want to share a page with friends but too lazy to copy and paste the link ? Want to keep a tab on your Facebook updates while getting work done on your email? Here is the remedy to all the above problems : A new age browser meant for people who use social media extensively.RockMelt is a browser which completely runs on the cloud which means no need to login to your different social networks on a new machine, just log in to your browser using Facebook and you are good to go. RockMelt is founded by a group of people from Netscape, yup the guys who launched the first commercial Internet browser.

Some of the really cool features of RockFelt are:

  • The browser has two edges, one with icons of your Facebook friends, the other with your favorite feeds be it Facebook or Twitter
  • Free to use
  • Advanced Search : You can preview the pages using your keyboard
  • Like a site or video ? Just click on the share button to update your social networks
  • Update your multiple social networks without leaving the current page

RockMelt turns your Browser into a social media hub and search central. To try out to beta log on to


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