Sociopreneur 2010—The Bright Side of Social Enterprises

Saturday November 13, 2010,

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The controversies refuse to die down. After banks ignored farmers, they had no other option but to die. Microfinance, which was a saviour for rural people, finally is in bad news now. It is disheartening to see someone lose their life. Life is all the more precious. If we ignore what happens to us when we die, let us think of the opportunity cost of living. We don’t know if any of the lives that were lost had the potential to change the world. It could have been the case.Sociopreneur 2010 is YourStory’s latest initiative in partnership with CNBC-TV18 Young Turks to bring to light the promising social startups to investors, media, and the social sector ecosystem. We want to showcase the bright side of social enterprise—the emergence of startups that promise to deliver. Microfinance is after all one part of the social enterprise. Its huge success also brings with it certain negatives. It is quite unfortunate that the negatives have morphed into controversies. Regardless of the controversies, the social sector promises to deliver inclusive growth to the rural population.

If the maxim of India lives in villages by Mahatma Gandhi held any relevance, it is now. Gandhian thought was left to textbooks and lectures so long but with the emergence of social sector as a profitable enterprise, the Gandhian thought is getting shape perhaps in a different way and not the way Gandhi would have wanted.

If you have any doubts about the sustenance of the social sector despite the controversies, come to Sociopreneur 2010 to see the vibrancy, pulsating action, scintillating thought, and richness of social enterprises in clear focus.

YourStory has great pleasure in inviting you our first initiative for social startups.

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Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist, YourStory

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