Sramana Mitra comes live on the roundtable - keeps the audience engaged till 8-30 pm

Wednesday November 10, 2010,

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YourStory thanks NASSCOM for helping organize the event

On the sidelines of the NASSCOM Product Conclave, after her 90-minute lean startup workshop filled with wisdom for startups, Sramana Mitra came to delight the audience with her live roundtable. The audience kept the appointment till 8-30 pm in the night.

Shradha Sharma, founder, YourStory, initially started a discussion with Suresh Sambandam, CEO, OrangeScape; Dorai Thodla, CEO, iMorph; and Vijay Anand, vice president, RTBI, Chennai. Vijay first told the audience about RTBI partnering Sramana for the roundtables and getting people to attend that. Dorai started off by saying he had only pitched to customers and in last July he pitched to Sramana to get some ideas for his product launch. Dorai benefited by some genuine advice. Suresh was featured in a Forbes column by Sramana when OrangeScape hit $1 million in revenues. The column ended by stating the entrepreneurs who are growing strong should be celebrated rather than Ambani brothers. Suresh narrated how his father asked him what he did to get a mention alongside Ambani brothers.

Then five pitches rolled one after another. A short video on pitches would be uploaded on the site shortly. Sramana, as usual, was incisive in her comments and questioned assumptions, business models, customer acquisition strategy, and TAM (total addressable market) in her advice to the startups.

It was a great evening for startups to get real-time advice from a strategy consultant bent upon changing the entrepreneurial landscape with her 1M/1M program—helping one million entrepreneurs reach $1 million in revenues.

YourStory thanks NASSCOM for facilitating the roundtable alongside the Product Conclave Open House. In particular, Sharad Sharma, chair, NASSCOM Product Forum, and Avinash Raghava, Regional Director--North helped YourStory in its efforts to put together this roundtable.

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