US India Partnership Empowers Business

Tuesday November 09, 2010,

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The relationship between India and the United States (US) is now more about business than geopolitics. Both countries have an enormous stake in the other’s economic growth and success. The future of the prosperity of the peoples of both countries will be significantly impacted by collaboration between them.

The US and India are poised for an increasingly powerful era of partnership. Success will depend on business leaders embracing this vision and taking a long term view of the common interests of both countries. The relationship has the potential to challenge both the US and India to higher standards of productivity for their economies through educational and technology collaboration and prosperity through the creation of jobs in both countries.


The report titled “US India Business-Advancing the Bi-hemispheric Partnership” released today by KPMG in conjunction with US India Business Council [USIBC], highlights the impact of the strong Indo-US business partnership on the global economy. It also puts forth the opportunities and challenges in the US-India business corridor, in sectors such as defence, education, automobiles, renewable energy, etc.

Mr. Arun Kumar, Partner and Head of US-India Practice, KPMG US, and also the co-author of the report says, “Indian enterprises can benefit from serving the world’s most sophisticated consumers in the US - an experience that will drive technology evolution more powerfully than any other factor. US companies on the other hand can begin comprehending the needs of future markets which lie in emerging economies.”

“Joint initiatives harnessing talent from both countries, can range from projects for space exploration or clean energy development to ones to promote industry and entrepreneurship in Africa. It would be valuable for both countries to think out of the box to advance their partnership in the future”, added Mr. Pradeep Udhas, Partner and Head of US-India Practice, KPMG India and co-author of the report.

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