Why should you attend Sociopreneurship India 2010? Come, witness the celebration of social entrepreneurship

Sunday November 14, 2010,

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Sociopreneur 2010, the YourStory/CNBC-TV18 Young Turks initiative, aims to showcase social innovations and the entrepreneurs behind such ventures to social investors, industry experts, and media.Doing service to the poor is doing service to God. Do you buy this? Not only service but money too. Social enterprises of today have gone beyond the noble charity motive into becoming a profitable enterprise. We are at an inflection point and we could see this sector exploding to unimaginable heights in the time to come.

There are many entrepreneurs bent on doing social good than ever. Is it not the time to showcase their social good innovations to the world? Is it not time to celebrate their effort? Is it not time that we make that crucial connection that helps the unsung sociopreneur? And is it not time you get to know them?

If you are a

social entrepreneur (sociopreneur), this event is a great connecting platform for you to reach out to investors, industry experts, media, and you never know you customers might be lurking in the audience and may surface once they come to know about you.

social investor, the host of sociopreneurs we are going to showcase and the range of sectors we cover will surely drive your investment interests and there are possibilities of you spotting early the burgeoning social enterprise and benefit from it.

social enterprise, the networking and the discussions around the event will throw open a wide range of possibilities to take you to the next level.

social industry expert, the depth of discussions and the range of enterprises, investors, and media would help you leverage the connection for your benefit.

curious onlooker, you may not come from this sector or you have no business interests now. But come, witness the celebration of social entrepreneurship and go back with a bunch of ideas you might later consider to enter this space.

student, you may have enormous learning out of this event that you can go back and use.

not anyway connected, it doesn’t matter. This event will give you an outlook on social enterprises and the vibrant activity happening out there.

Just look at our line up of Speakers/panelists. And we would think it’s hard to resist for you to stay away from Royal Orchid on November 23, 2010. Just be there!

Don’t miss the unique opportunity. Register now.

Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist, YourStory

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