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Norque aims to transform blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, AI

Norque revolutionises the intersection of blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse and AI with the real world, introducing versatile real usability and value-backed coin/token, people-friendly exchanges, and comprehensive insurance solutions.

Norque aims to transform blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, AI

Wednesday March 13, 2024 , 6 min Read

Norque is a project that promises to redefine the contours of blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, Web3, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) integration. It aims to address critical concerns in the realms of blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and Web3, including security, usability, accessibility, and sustainability. It was awarded as a “Most Innovative Blockchain Company to Follow in 2024” by Analytics Insights and featured in Analytics Insights Magazine February 2024 edition.

Here’s a cheat sheet that delves into the offerings of Norque:

01. Revolutionising insurance with AI and ML: The Norque universe aims to revolutionise insurance claim settlements by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology in the process, Norque seeks to streamline end-to-end insurance services on blockchain technology. The promise of small to large claims settlements being handled through AI and ML adds a layer of ease to an industry often marred by complexities.

02. A coin/token for services: NOQ, an offspring of Norque, introduced a novel coin/token. This coin/token aims to transcend the boundaries of blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and traditional insurance services, providing users with a versatile means of accessing a myriad of services. This is the first coin/token baked by real value and usability. You can buy risk mitigation services from NOQand they will be backed by real estate investments and FMCG market offerings.

03. The future of exchanges - DEX & CEX: Norque has also ventured into the domain of decentralised and centralised exchanges. The introduction of the first centralised exchange with insurance, AI, and ML capabilities is a big move that promises to reshape the dynamics of cryptocurrency exchanges. Unlike other exchanges where anyone can be listed, here only those who prove their worth on the Norque decentralised exchange can participate. DEX and CEX are offered for added security layers.

04. Pioneering insurance services: The Norque universe seeks to become the first insurance provider for blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and the physical world. The comprehensive coverage aims to cater to retail investors, institutions, projects, and exchanges, marking a significant step forward in risk mitigation.

05. A payments revolution: The Norque universe envisions an application that would facilitate payments via cryptocurrency, promising instant cross-border transactions and enabling users to make purchases ranging from daily groceries to substantial assets. The instant crypto to FIAT and FIAT to crypto conversion feature means wider acceptability and accessibility with trust.

Speculations about its connections to secret society Illuminati only added to the mystique surrounding this technological endeavour.

Problem statement

The rapid growth of blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrency and the metaverse has brought about new financial possibilities, but also presents challenges and risks. Investors face wallet vulnerabilities, hacking attacks, security breaches, frauds, scams, wrong commitments, trust issues, volatile markets and lack of usability that result in financial losses.

The lack of comprehensive protection measures, legalisation, centralised governance and risk mitigation policies further expose investors to significant risks. Since the right ecosystem is not available, the promoters are also exposed to risks and uncertainties. The fragmented digital asset landscape hampers seamless integration and interoperability, limiting the potential of blockchain, Web3, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and even the physical world. Additionally, the absence of user-friendly and secure decentralised/centralised exchanges restricts liquidity and trading options.

Norque is the first project that talks about addressing real-world problems, something lacking in almost every project in the market as they typically don’t have usability and accessibility. Recent market downturns of major players like FTX and Luna underscore the need for a trustworthy project like Norque in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and metaverse space.

AI is a game-changer in the security world. Norque aims to use AI and ML applications for the general public as well as for stakeholders, to safeguard their investments, and create a safe and secure ecosystem.

The architectural forces behind Norque

Norque is backed by a consortium of blockchain technical experts, financial market specialists, and AI professionals. The diversity in the team's geographical origins infuses the project with a broader perspective and the capability to think beyond conventional boundaries.

Norque is a registered company in the European Union with a licence for virtual assets business. The ongoing Certik certification process seeks to bolster the project's standing within the industry.

Addressing the critical quandaries of the blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, Web3

In an era where the metaverse faces hurdles in gaining wider acceptance, Norque emerges as a solution to critical concerns. Investors can now navigate the metaverse with confidence, assured that their investments are safeguarded against potential losses, uncertainties, hacks, and viruses.

In the case of cryptocurrencies, rug pull scams involve investment scammers "pumping up" a new project, non-fungible token (NFT) or coin to get funding. After the scammers get the money, they disappear. In the case of Norque, the security feature ensures your investment is backed by a risk mitigation offering.

The project not only promises security and sustainability but also offers users a pathway to tangible financial benefits, marking a departure from the abstract promises prevalent in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse and Web3 industry.


With its own coin/token NOQ, Norque brings a breath of fresh air to the cryptocurrency landscape. Backed by real-world assets like real estate and FMCG, Norque addresses the issue of cryptocurrencies lacking intrinsic value. You can use it to buy risk mitigation services. This move towards usability positions Norque as a significant player in the evolving crypto market.

The road ahead: Norque vs its predecessors

Norque stands out with its structured approach, usability, and asset-backed foundation. The recent market downturns of some major players underscore the need for a trustworthy project like this.

As Norque gears up for the impending ICO (initial coin offering) launch soon, the project holds the potential to safeguard investors, stakeholders, and promoters, gaining support from governments worldwide. Norque invites the world to witness and be a part of this revolutionary odyssey that promises to reshape the blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and Web3 world.

To participate,

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(This is a press release by Norque that YourStory has published. YourStory is not responsible for any statements or claims made in the above article. )