Wladimir Baranoff-Rossine, Mobicart : A free and simple way for you to build and manage your m-commerce store

Thursday November 11, 2010,

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The markets for handheld smart- and superphones have grown both explosivelyand exponentially since the first examples of these products appeared and wereembraced by users.There are now a wide range of new Apple® iPhone® and Google® Android®powered devices that are capturing the interest of consumers with the ability tooffer “instant gratification” for mobile buying.The need for a simple,personalized shopping cart optimized specifically for the mobile market is longoverdue.Giving customers their own secure and personalized mobile storefront as a fullynative app (not mobile CSS) and without “breaking the bank” has been a dreamof vendors and shoppers alike.

MobiCart is the M-Commerce solution.Gartner Group estimates the market value for mobile applications at $4.2bn(worldwide in 2009) and estimates the market could be worth $29.5bn in 2013.While there are a number of shopping cart solutions for e-commerce, none areoptimized for the mobile user or create a user experience that is fast and easy.People on the go make fairly rapid (if not instantaneous) purchase decisions – forthose who are making impulse purchases or want the product now, m-commerceis ideal – but up until now, it has been expensive or difficult to implement.

MobiCart enables free, easy-to-implement and personalized m-commercesolutions for users and developers alike.MobiCart is the vendor and customer solution.Vendors can easily make UI changes - a fully-customizable look and feel enablesperfect integration with existing storefronts and an open API allows integrationinto existing e-commerce solutions. CMS functionality makes it easy.All this – and it’s completely free.

To find out more log on to : http://www.mobi-cart.com

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