Miracle Moments : ‘Art With Sunayna’ ….a design-gift for the world!

Monday January 17, 2011,

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Miracle Moment:

How would it feel when someone hands over a sealed envelope in your hand and shares; ‘Here is my contribution to the world?’

‘And in that envelope, you find some cash. This is the 20% from my sales for the children.’ I saw the twinkle in Sunayna’s eyes when she said that to me with a smile on her face.


I was not only inspired but also intrigued by her sense of modesty and responsibility to complete her cycle of giving and recieving. Sunayna Navani, BMS graduate, M.Sc Psychologist, pursuing her MBA from XLRI and a handwriting analyst by profession learned the art of quilling eight months ago. ‘My life changed when I attended the quilling summer workshop organized for the children at Touching Lives, an NGO based out in Mumbai.’ Sunayna took this art a very long way. She volunteers for the NGO mentoring children and conducting math workshops since four years. It indeed cheers up my heart when I see Sunayna working relentlessly towards her many dreams, one of which she is –‘Art With Sunayna.’

Her Beginnings:

Quilling is an art of rolling, bending and pinching paper; then making designs out of the shapes. It is known as paper filigree. Monks and nuns would use the art of quilling for decorating the monasteries and churches.

‘Art With Sunayna’, is an initiative of making accessories through quilling, gifts, cards, paper bags, envelopes, frames, earrings, designs etc.

‘Art with Sunayna’ began on Mother’s day when she made 3 cards for the special mother figures in her life and then gifting her work to her friends, volunteers at Touching Lives and interestingly, to her parents for anniversary and birthdays.

‘The most touching thing is when I see the joy in people’s eye when they look at the colorful art whether they buy it or no.’ Sunayna has so far successfully and single handedly done her exhibitions at ORACLE, TISS, TSEC and some of the known colleges and places for diwali and X-mas.

Learning on the way:

‘Someone will always find you perfect,’ says she when asked how she feels about her work. ‘On many occasions I feel I have looked down upon my work and laugh but when I hold exhibitions, those products are the first to sell. This boosted my confidence and the respect for the art.’


Sunayna, very selflessly shares 20% of her income to Touching Lives, a place where she feels that she can experience unconditional love and warmth from the children and vice-versa. ‘Touching Lives keeps me grounded and drives me to work more,’ she shares.

Miracle Moment

I dream ‘Art with Sunayna’ to bring smiles in people’s heart. I wish to have a display desk in hospitals where such colorful greeting cards, flowers made through quilling, smileys could be put up. A good idea is also to put up the desk in tie-up with the cake shops where cards complimenting the cake’s design could be bought together. This becomes a sort of momentum for the birthday person,’ smiles Sunayna gloriously.

For Sunayna, this art has happened much unplanned. She discovered her creativity and is quite overwhelmed. She is now learning the strategies to promote her work through various social media and networking forms like facebook, blog etc, giving discounts and package offers to the people. She also does personalized gift packing and cards and is intending to expand ‘Art with Sunayna’ by organizing workshops in schools, colleges, NGOs and corporate.

What she now believes is that destiny will take its course. ‘Art with Sunayna’ has added values to her life; have given her purpose to share a part of herself through her creativity. ‘I failed the elementary exams in class 7th and that is the only qualification I have in art. I feel I am guided and I just follow my instincts to quill flowers, animals, abstract designs, anything. I believe these products become alive when I synchronize my heart with what I do. I love my life because now a little part of me is doing what it loves to do.’

Journaling on the way:

Sunayna has recorded infinite number of memories in her heart while making and wrapping the gifts for people. ‘It is one of the ways, I connect with the people. I am more excited than the person gifting the gift because I feel; I have become the part of them; through the energies of love that I share in making the gifts.’

‘I eagerly wait for the feedback and the snaps and keep it as a record of miracle moments,’ says Sunayna.

You and ‘Art With Sunayna’:

If you are wondering how you can be a part of ‘Art with Sunayna,’ then here are the ways:

1.      Join Sunayna’s ‘Recycle Drive,’ where she uses the old wedding cards, magazines etc which you may not be using. Send these waste papers across to her which could be used to make someone happy.

2.      You can be a part of ‘Art With Sunayna’ on facebook and get discounts on her products.

3.      And if you are into any form of art yourself; you can also have a space on her online store.

4.      Attend her workshops and start the chain of ‘Art with Sunayna’ in your house.

Sunayna is waiting for the 200th person to like her facebook page for giving 20% on her products. You can be one of them….

Life indeed provides opportunities to have you discover yourself and the pool of creativity and potentials we have in us.

‘Art with Sunayna’ is Sunayna’s gift to the world! What is yours?

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or mail her at [email protected]

-Dr. Sonia Mackwani - Clinical Psychologist, Hypno-therapist, Integrated Healer, Founder of Touching Lives NGO in Mumbai

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