With Blauk you can gain more popularity among friends!

Thursday May 26, 2011,

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Anytime you have an opinion on someone, lets say cute, hot, gorgeous, well dressed, awesome smile or fashion disaster, you can leave a Patch for them. Leaving a Patch includes mentioning a quick description of the person, where you saw them, and at what time of day, which allow users to identify themselves and as having been there. If someone feels a Cuteness or Hotness Patch has been left on Blauk for them, they can Claim the Patch. There might be multiple Claims for a Patch. The person who posted the Patch can view the Claims on Patches posted by him/her and Issue it to the correct person by identifying through their profile image.Likewise, when you Claim and Collect a Cuteness or Gorgeous Patch from someone, all your friends will be able to see that someone at the mall or café thought you are cute or gorgeous. Once you add friends, you can view what Patches they have collected, and you might be surprised at the number of Gorgeous or Awesome Smile Patches a friend of yours might collect.

Blauk has something called the Super-Status for Social Networking, which is that once you have Issued 5 or more Patches to others in the 7 days, you are on Super Demand Mode, which means that wherever you go, the Patches you leave for others are in-demand and instantly Claimed & Collected by them.

So, do check out http://www.blauk.com/ you may want to leave a Patch for someone!

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