Arrow Devices: Hardware Solutions for the USB 3.0 Market

Monday August 15, 2011,

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We at caught up with entrepreneur Aditya Mittal, founder of Arrow Devices, to know more about his venture. Below are the edited excerpts from the interview:When was ArrowDevices started?

I started Arrow Devices in December, 2008.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I founded Arrow Devices after quitting my job at Nvidia. High technology start-ups have always fascinated me. After passing out of IIT Bombay, I joined a startup called pART. After 2 years at pART, I joined Nvidia as one of the first employees at their Bangalore centre. I spent the next four years designing and developing PC motherboard controller chips. Looking for greater challenges, I started Arrow Devices after six years of experience in the semiconductor industry.

Tell us in detail about Arrow Devices’ offerings.

Currently, we are working on developing and perfecting our hardware solutions for the USB 3.0 market. USB 3.0 is the next generation USB standard, that is 10x faster than the currently prevalent USB 2.0 standard. This technology enables data to be transmitted at the rate of 5Gbps! We offer chip designs for companies who would like to make end user products such as USB flash drives, cameras, etc. This product is unique in terms of its configurability and ease of integration with a variety of customer platforms.

We also offer specialized testing equipment for companies that are developing USB based products. This product offering is unique in terms of the advanced testing functionality it provides. No other testing tool in the market (worldwide) provides anything similar to this. We are well known in Bangalore semiconductor eco-system due to our expertise in USB domain.

Tell us about the technology behind your products.

We are semiconductor focused right now. We have developed in-house tools and technologies which enable us to churn-out products faster and help us differentiate from other players.

How did you acquire the initial capital required to startup? How much initial capital was required?

We are a bootstrapped company. Initially, I funded the company with about 5 lakh rupees borrowed from my parents and my savings.

How competitive is this market? Give us some idea.

Our products in the USB domain compete with some of the giants in the semiconductor industry. We are confident that we can differentiate ourselves based on our product and service quality. Also, our testing product offers features that are better than any other currently available products.

We at wish Arrow Devices all the very best with their future plans! And, do check out their website for further details

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