Café Idly: Bangalore-based restaurant combining rock music & south Indian food

Tuesday August 09, 2011,

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They say that there are some things which never go together. Rock music and South Indian food might be considered one such mix. But sometimes the dots connect for such a combination and what you get is a fusion you were looking for. This combination has been tried out at Café Idly in Bangalore. A new venture, it tries to combine these two widely different facets - idly chutney with the Beatles.The menu is provided online, which is rather limited. But the music and ambience is what they boast about. With positive testimonials, the concept seems to have found a following among Bangaloreans. In its nascent stages yet, Café Idly has the potential to take the concept forward and hit other cities. More outlets in Bangalore before moving onto cities like Pune and Mumbai might be the sensible way forward.

The website needs a bit more polishing to create more buzz online and attract more customers. The blog has posts which are rich with rock music snippets. The blog also gives their exact location and they’re open Monday to Saturday, from 5 PM to 10 PM. The idea seems exciting at first glance and if executed properly, Café Idly can certainly create waves.

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