“None of it can be missed,” says Indus Khaitan, another Black Shirts Volunteer of NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011

Tuesday October 18, 2011,

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Product Conclave

For Indians used to selling retail products and inventing those ubiquitous models for selling various categories of products, building and selling a software product shouldn’t be as much challenging. Indus Khaitan, Vice President at Bitzer Mobile and earlier with Morpheus Ventures, one of the Black Shirts Volunteer team members of NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011, has taken a reverse of what usually happens. He was an investor and is now a product entrepreneur. Heart calling cannot follow convention. And if only convention is only order of the day, the world would have been poorer without the likes of late Steve Jobs.Indus feels the momentum that was visible during Hotmail days in 1996 in Silicon Valley is now witnessed in India. So only Silicon Valley experts will descend on Bangalore on November 9 and 10 to tell you what that momentum looked like. Product entrepreneurship is a long trek up the hill and perseverance is a great companion. For those of you who have been there, done that, it is a path of learning. Come, listen to these experts as they tell you stories of their own products, their challenges and dish out a lesson or two that you can take back for your own business. It’s more than this. A packed two-day action awaits you and you will surely go elated at the end of it. So it would be exaggerating to say don’t miss it. Just be there. Register here.

Indus shares with Venkatesh Krishnamoorthy, chief evangelist, the spread at NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011 that is hard to resist.

YourStory: Two editions of the Product Conclave have created many expectations from the community. What's new in this third edition?

Indus Khaitan: While we continue to hammer and bring out the best from the practicing entrepreneurs. This time we are focusing on a more wider topic of building a product, taking it to the market, pricing it, promoting it, etc.

Forces@Work -- how is this theme of Product Conclave 2011 likely to benefit product entrepreneurs?

The theme is around business of software and the mechanics of building a product. For a product entrepreneur the main ingredients are a good idea, a large market and a team to execute the same. Now, how does the cauldron cooks is what we are talking this time. Is it the hand of the chef? The ingredients? or (laughingly) the cauldron in itself does the trick.

Silicon Valley is the springboard of innovation and spirit of entrepreneurship. The Product Conclave is likely to feature Silicon Valley experts this time. Can you please elaborate?

If you look at some of the sectors, especially Internet products, it's a deja vu. People who started using hotmail on July 4, 1996 and are now seeing some of the new startups in India could relate to the momentum in Silicon Valley, the browsers coming out, the e-commerce sites popping up, the digital advertising market on the surge, to name a few. We thought why not bring some of the names from the valley who could share a thing or two from 1990s/2000s. For example, Anand Rajaraman who was with Junglee, Inc. which was sold to Amazon. Junglee was an early pioneer in price comparison and aggregating content from distributed publisher databases. I'm sure when Anand hears the e-commerce story from India, he would say, "I have seen this before!"


Can you give us an indication of what are the broad outlines of the agenda aimed at specific segments of entrepreneurs? What are the ones that entrepreneurs never should miss?None of it can be missed, from Vinod Khosla's keynote to panels on Enterprise 2.0 to sessions on taking the product to market!

Into the future, what is the objective that NASSCOM Product Conclave 2011 is likely to achieve?

(a) Be a platform which connects young entrepreneurs to others who have done it a few times.

(b) Bring the best practitioners and have them share their stories, pain, joy of building a product and taking it to market.

Any specific session you would pick and choose that would be highlight – for example, Vivek Wadhwa vs. Vishal Gondal was interesting last year.

The controversy part was not baked in the agenda, some speakers just "hit-it-out" well and does wonders for the audience! But, it would be great to hear some varying perspectives on entrepreneurship DNA from Vinod Khosla to Vivek Wadhwa to Naveen Jain.

A compelling pitch for entrepreneurs to be there at Taj Vivanta on November 9 and 10.

Don't miss out on workshops. We have a great line-up from people who have done products for decades.

Register here.

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