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Tuesday October 18, 2011,

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Highly driven and passionate tech entrepreneur, Vignesh Swaminathan, founder of CloudPact, in conversation with YourStory.in on their brand new Mobile Enterprise Application Platform for the Indian Market. Edited Excerpts:Decision making made mobile; Can you tell us in detail how you enable this?

CloudPact enables smooth integration to Business Process Management (BPM) systems through which enterprises can deploy their BPM tasks/decisions into the mobile.

Please tell us in detail about the features of CloudPact.

CloudPact helps customers achieve enterprise mobility using their existing IT team through an unique solution which decreases the turn around time by as much as 75%. It is an enterprise app publisher coupled with a powerful Cloud based IDE with complete team development support.

We offer:

Native mobile UI widgets, for an amazing user experience on the mobile

Device integrated widgets to leverage phone features such as camera, contacts, file system etc.

Cloud Development environment with complete DTP application life cycle management and team development

Flight mode smart to ensure users can conduct business irrespective of their mobile connection

Secure around the clock with data protection, secure connections and remote data wipe

Window task management to make mobile app development easy and productive

CloudPact comes enabled with complete app life cycle management across development, testing and production deployment. Each cloud developer is able to work in a completely isolated DTP environment as an individual developer, for an integrated test environment and finally for production deployment.

Tell us about your offerings, EmPact Enterprise & Cloud models.

CloudPact offers two models of deployment, the on-premise enterprise model and the cloud model. The essential difference between these two models is where the development, deployment and administration of the published apps resides. The complete stack runs out of the CloudPact infrastructure in the cloud model, and inside the enterprise IT infrastructure in the enterprise model. The cloud model is based on user license and the enterprise model is based on server license.

Where are you based? How big is CloudPact team?

We are based out of Hyderabad, we now are a team of six and growing.

On which platforms is the product currently available?

The product is currently stable and available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows 7.

Cloud Pact

How many users have signed up for the free trail? How has the response been so far?There are about 250 users who have signed up for the free trial. We have started increasing our marketing pace from August and with every campaign we add a few more users. We are holding back from completely throwing open the platform, as CloudPact focuses more on enterprise apps. We will do that under a different brand name targeting apps in the consumer space soon.

Can you tell us about some of the apps that have already been built using CloudPact?

As of today we have developed apps in the manufacturing, banking and GIS space. All these engagements are for the on-premise enterprise license.

How does the pricing model work?

The revenue model is based on user subscription pricing for the cloud option and a server license for the on-premise option. The cloud model is priced at $120 per user per year. The on-premise version has a price range based on the client requirements.

Vignesh, can you tell us about the technology used to build the platform?

CloudPact currently uses Google App Engine for its entire cloud infrastructure and for the mobile run-time we use device specific technologies.

How big is the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform market?

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform market is over $1.7 billion worldwide.

Tell us about the native mobile UI widgets that you offer.

We offer a range of native mobile UI widgets, the primary among them are the contact widget (binds enterprise data to phone contacts, adds, calls, messages, emails them on demand), the camera widget (binds the phone's camera to shoot and transfer image data in business transactions), the attachment widget (binds the phone's file system to attach files and images in business transactions), the location tracker (binds the phone's location to business transactions, uses GPS, Network triangulation or wifi hotspot to determined location). Other than this, we have API's covering Contacts, Files, Database, Location, Messaging, Camera etc.

How do plan to market CloudPact going forward?

We will kick off our full steamed marketing campaign after gaining initial customer traction. Currently, we are making our presence in key mobile events around India. We are focused on gaining word of mouth publicity by establishing customers in key verticals.

What are the biggest challenges you face as one of the early players in this space in India?

The key challenges that we face today are visibility, awareness and outreach.

Anything else that you want to share with the readers of YourStory.in?

The key differentiator that we bring to our clients is the promise of 75% reduction in app turnaround time. We as a team are from enterprise software background and have built CloudPact with focus and sensitivity to enterprise needs. We are actively on the look out for partners in enterprise software space who want to leap frog their customers into enterprise mobility even if they do not have an in-house mobile development team. We help them achieve it with their existing IT teams as CloudPact apps are completely built using web technology.

We at YourStory.in are extremely excited about how the CloudPact story is shaping up! And, with entrepreneurs like Vignesh at the helm of CloudPact, we see a lot of action happening at their end in the months to come.

Do visit http://www.cloudpact.com/ for further details.

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