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Advertise with us Launches - Exclusive Cloud Computing Insights, News, Analysis & Reviews Launches - Exclusive Cloud Computing Insights, News, Analysis & Reviews

Monday January 02, 2012 , 4 min Read - Cloud Computing insights, news, analysis and reviews

The beginning of 2012 marks an important milestone for us at We are excited to announce our brand new online property,!

2012 is going to be the year of Cloud Computing.

Looking back at 2011, we witnessed major announcements, mergers and acquisitions from almost all the players in the industry. Amazon continues to innovate on AWS making it the most mature infrastructure Cloud services platform. IBM has gone live with their Smart Cloud platform. Even Oracle, which denied the existence of Cloud, was finally forced to announce their Cloud strategy. Microsoft surprised us by announcing the support for Node.js and Hadoop on Windows Azure Platform. is very serious about developers and that became clear with their acquisition of Heroku. VMware is another strong contender that is making inroads into the PaaS landscape through Cloud Foundry. NoSQL and BigData are no more just buzzwords but million-dollar opportunities for the product companies and solution providers. On the SaaS front, the battle continues with Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, Zoho and fiercely competing to win over the SME segment. We are certainly living in interesting times!

The above factors have a strong impact on India. With many platform companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and VMware trying to win the customers and community in India, this geography plays a key role in the success of their offerings. Of course, we have our own Cloud platform providers from India like OrangeScape, Wolf Frameworks, NetMagic and Tata InstaCompute to name a few. We then have the global solution providers like Infosys, Wipro, TCS and HCL setting up their Cloud practices and Center of Excellence to provide cutting edge solutions to the businesses all over the world. Every Indian ISV is franticly working towards SaaS enabling their product and to offer a multi-tenant, self-service product to their customers. Developers and IT professionals are excited about the new opportunities that PaaS, IaaS and Virtualization bring to their careers. India is the playground for Cloud!

With so much action and excitement around Cloud in India, it is time for us to tell the world about the Cloud story in India. That’s exactly our motivation to launch a platform called We want this to be a one-stop-shop for all things Cloud in India. aims to bring the key stakeholders of Cloud ecosystem onto a single platform. We want to be the canvas that showcases the impact of the Indian IT players to the worldwide Cloud ecosystem. will have something for everyone! We will have articles that analyze the trends, tutorials and How-To articles that help developers to get hands-on experience on the Cloud. Consumers of the Cloud including enterprises, SMEs and start-ups will find insights enabling them to make informed decisions of choosing the right platform. Cloud ISVs and Tool providers will get featured and their products will be reviewed thus giving them visibility and reach. We will partner with the leaders in Cloud Computing to help them get closer with their potential consumers in India. is not just about an online portal with the latest happenings on the Cloud, it is a platform for connecting Cloud service providers with the Cloud consumers.

We attempted this during the recent visit of Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon to India. Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services, we provided an opportunity for the startups and students to share their stories and ideas with the Amazon leadership team. We continue to bring such innovative initiatives to you in the future. aspires to be India’s most credible voice in the world of Cloud Computing offering insights, news, analysis and reviews.

In a short time, you made what it is today! We look forward to your continued support for If you have ideas and suggestions for, please drop us a note to by commenting below.

Wish you a very Happy New Year 2012!

- Team YourStory