Community-Focused Health Information Now Goes Online Community-Focused Health Information Now Goes Online

Wednesday February 29, 2012,

2 min Read Inc is a global health-focused Internet company that has recently launched their India-specific portal, This platform allows consumers to find health information that will enable them to become well-informed and active drivers of their own health.

The free platform will include quality health reference information, community features, and a powerful Q & A section that will allow users to learn from the experience of others by sharing information as well as asking and answering questions.

Speaking about the launch, Elan Dekel, Founder & CEO, Inc said, "With the launch of, we will be providing highly informative and locally relevant health information to our users across India. I hope our users in India will use our platform to share their knowledge and learn from the experiences of others with similar concerns.”

Most of the health-related content that is available online is generic and does not address the local health concerns of India. The platform will be creating the communities and resources that are needed to provide information on specific health topics as well as local concerns.

Speaking about the potential of to grow in the Indian market, Jishnu Bhattacharjee of Nexus Venture Partners said, “There are very few online health platforms available outside the US that are locally relevant and easily accessible. Medico is set to change that, and it goes beyond just being a health portal to include an engaging Q&A based community of local citizens, local healthcare providers and experts.”

The platform contains extensive health reference information, including over 4000 articles on diseases and conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and plastic surgery.

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