FunVoltage Launches their First Game, Cub and Mag

Monday June 04, 2012,

2 min Read

Fun Voltage, an app development company has launched its first game based on magnetic principles. Cub and Mag is a nifty little physics-based game for iOS devices by FunVoltage Technologies, and draws partially from the popular arcade game, 'Cut the Rope'.The game has two characters, Cub (fashioned after an iron-ball) and Mag (his magnet-friend). As the story goes, the two characters were separated from each other when factory robots took Mag away. Angered by the separation, Cub sets out in a mission to find Mag, and each level requires you to unite Cub with Mag. To aid you in the process, the different levels include props like a conveyer belt, a magnetic parachute and a plasma sphere, whose magnetism can be turned on or off by simply tapping on the prop.


After starting the game, users are shown a short video depicting the storyline, which can be skipped to jump right into the game. Gameplay is fairly standard, with an increasing amount of difficulty with every level. The later levels require some thought regarding the course of action to be undertaken, and points are awarded in every level depending on the number of oranges collected along the way.

Cub and Mag is available as a free, ad-supported version on the Apple App Store or an ad-free version for $0.99.

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