How Did 5 years of Analytics Culminate into ‘Look Beyond Resumes’?

How Did 5 years of Analytics Culminate into ‘Look Beyond Resumes’?

Thursday June 07, 2012,

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Redwood Associates is the brainchild of Gautam Munshi and Pavan Bhat who, together, developed a 35 member strong team with a firm belief in mathematics. This passionate team was built over a 5 year period with the ultimate goal of empowering every individual with the skills and tools to make better informed decisions based on data.

The Redwood story began with the start of the Analytics Training Institute in 2007. The institute was founded with the view of imparting to students and corporates the knowledge of analytics, a fairly new, up and coming industry then. In mid 2008, when the explosion of Big data had just begun, Redwood branched out into Redwood Associates with a focus on Analytics Consulting. “Later, in 2010, the consulting business slowly phased out and we started researching the application of analytics in the social space. We identified major decision points in an individual’s life and began working towards building products that would provide significant information and help one in making the right decisions,” says CEO, Gautam Munshi.


LookBeyondResumes, their first product, is an analytically driven job portal that brings together employers and job seekers on a common platform.

“We take an individual on an intelligent professional soul search which helps them in creating a holistic profile, one that gives as much importance to Aspirations, Attitude and Aptitude as to relevant work experience, skills and education. With this information in hand, the analytical algorithms on which the portal runs looks for commonalities between the job seekers and the organizations that are hiring. The resulting analysis that is provided in a simple and logical manner can be used by both the organization and the job seeker to make a decision about whether they would want to connect with each other or not,” explains Pavan about the product.


LookBeyondResumes aims to enable a job seeker to distinguish himself from the many out there and apply better. LBR also provides the employer with an intelligent engine which shortlists in a smarter manner. “Moreover, our engine is a learning machine; it continually tracks how an employer hires and it gets better at identifying the best talent with each new hire,” says Pavan.


The Analytics Training Institute remains a sister concern of Redwood Associates, and to date has empowered over 10,000 individuals and over 120 Corporates in analytical tools and techniques. The team which is spread across Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi plans to have at least 25 top companies in India using the engine for their hiring solutions in the next 3 months.

Talking about the future, Gautam says, “We believe that Artificial Intelligence will be the next big thing. Being able to simulate how the mind thinks will have a tremendous effect on everything that we do.”

With both B2C and B2B revenue models, Redwood has identified other major decision points in an individual’s life and is building products around these. Stay tuned to know more about them.

Find out more about RedWood Associates here and check out LookBeyondResumes as well.

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