Conduct Automated Online Video Interviews with InterviewMaster

In today’s fast moving world, one of the most limited resources is but time. Everyone is trying to improvise on processes and save time wherever it seems possible. In the recruitment industry too, the need of the hour is to reduce the recruitment cycle without affecting the quality of candidates. Today, the HR team is looking at innovative methods to address the need of reducing the recruitment cycle but without something as crude as telephonic interview. With the spread of better IT infrastructure in organizations, the HR team is looking to put these resources to their best use. One of the ways to do this would be to use an online automated video interview solution.

Now the basic question or rather the mind block at this point would be, can an Automated Online Video Interview be a close replacement of preliminary in person interview. The InterviewMaster team nod affirmatively!

Sanjoe, Tom, Subramanian and Jobin started Emprenure Labs in June 2012. They got the idea to start this venture from their college days during which they used to provide mock interview practice to juniors and students from other departments. Learning from that experience they thought of setting up an online portal which will provide a service which links up alumni with students to provide career counseling service along with interview practice. Soon they realized that alumni, though very keen to be of assistance, have very tight schedules making it almost impossible for them to conduct mock interviews. “That is when it occurred to us that if they can have a platform where they can provide flexibility of schedule and location to alumni-student interaction it will solve a lot of issues,” says Tom.

After MBA they took jobs in some of the leading MNCs but they knew that some day they want to launch our own venture. Whenever they met they used to discuss the idea and on further discussion with more people they realized that the same issue exists in the industry where companies, especially the ones recruiting large numbers or from a wide geography are tormented by poor conversion ratios, frequent travels leading to loss of productive employee time, lack of access to experienced candidates due to schedule conflicts and chaotic processes as a result of large number of candidates landing up in their premises. So finally one day they decided that it is time they said bye to the cushy jobs and make recruiting across globe easier. And that’s how Interview Master was born.


According to them Automated Video Interviews will bring in following advantages to any recruitment process:

  • Better time management- panel member’s productive time, work flexibility
  • Complete scheduling flexibility – Create interviews as per your convenience and candidates can record responses as per their availability
  • Better candidate reach for the organization, no more location constraints
  • High Candidate turn out, better conversion ratio
  • 60% reduction in overhead cost and 40% savings in time
  • No fraud cases as in case of telephonic interview
  • Database of video Interviews for future reference, multiple reviews possible
  • Develop a talent pipeline ready to hire as per needs
  • Optimize the operational overheads by having Just in time Hiring as per needs

Using Interview Master one can design, conduct, evaluate, review and manage interviews, from anywhere at any time. Invited interviewees can attend the interview anytime, anywhere with a just computer and webcam. The recorded answers are shared with experts for evaluation using customized evaluation parameters defined by the Interviewer.

Automated Video Interviews is a new concept in Asia and it can lead to significant savings in time and cost in conducting the interviews. Based on their experience so far, if effectively used, InterviewMaster can lead to 60% saving in time spend for recruitment and 40% saving in cost. InterviewMaster addresses problems related to scheduling conflicts, Interview Hijacking, Fraudulent telephonic interviews, low conversion rates, no ready access to talent or talent pipeline and high operational overheads.

It seems like a handy tool for recruiting solutions. Are you game for InterviewMaster?