And the Techsparks 2012 App4India Winners Are...

And the Techsparks 2012 App4India Winners Are...

Monday September 10, 2012,

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We at are extremely happy to share with you the Top 14 Apps selected through TechSparks™ 2012 App4India Challenge sponsored by Intel. The App4India contest was a parallel campaign that ran along with the T30 Report. The 3 winners were:

  • MangoReader (Communication Category)
  • MineWhat (Gaming/Creativity/Entertainment Category)
  • inTouchid (Productivity Category)

Here are the brief introductions to the Indian apps/companies to watch out for:

Mangoreader: A Pune based startup MangoReader is on a mission to make books interactive, engaging and fun. MangoReader has an ambition to not only redefine books and publishing, but reinventing the way people learn. MangoReader makes reading books interactive and fun because they use videos, animation, quizzes, maps, graphics and interactivity, thus making the experience engaging. Publishers, Authors and Educators can reach new audiences using mobiles, tablets and online reader and generate more revenue. Readers get better books and a great learning experience and can collaborate with friends, take notes and use learning tools such as dictionary, search and quizzes. Their vision is to reinvent the way people learn.

Minewhat: Minewhat is an App that brings to you a collection of products matching your personality from across eCommerce portals. Currently the products are curated from 60 e-commerce companies and they are building a user curation framework to make the system scalable. Surprise gifts is a unique offering from Minnewhat. With this, you can get suggestions for gifting a person. MineWhat is a self learning platform, it learns the mapping between interest and product from user interactions. Minewhat is the brainchild of Pavan Kumar and Janakiram, both are based out of Bangalore.

InTouchId: IntouchId is a simple and elegant solution for sharing and storing contact information.Once connected on Intouch, you never need to manage contact information of your contacts, never have to worry about losing contacts, get access to the same contact information across all your devices and online. Also, new contacts get auto-updated. If you ever lose, upgrade or damage your phone; just login into the IntouchId app from the new phone and get all your IntouchId contacts. IntouchId completely eliminates contact management and gives access to the same contact information (as shared with you by your contacts) across all the devices you use as well as online, without any effort on the your end.All the winners were presented with a $2500 cheque:


Go LIVE Gaming Solutions: Go LIVE Gaming Solutions is a premier game developer providing enterprise to enterprise solutions in gaming format spanning a range of verticals by building a library of re-usable game assets (programs, art work) that make it an affordable medium to position a product in the market. It also provides gaming solutions across all platforms; mostly Indian content, Multiplayer competitive games and gaming services for a variety of industry verticals including Pharmaceutical, Animation, Government, and Retail. These solutions and services include Game Consulting, Managed IT Services, Application Game Software Development & Maintenance, e-commerce, e-learning and various Transaction Processing services.

Monumental Agra: Monumental Agra is an iPhone app serving as a tour guide to the five major monuments in Agra and aims to make a visit to the monument hassle-free and informative. The App also includes photographs of the monuments along with the zoom feature so as to observe them minutely and find out point of interest. The cost and timing information of all monuments has been fed inside the App, thus, making one’s journey smooth. The App doesn’t need internet for functioning. ToCha, the company behind Monumental Agra, aims to be the premier mobile application company dealing with the history of India. This App is a start and they aspire to develop applications for all possible historical monuments in India.

Word Matki: Word Matki, a product of Madrat Games, is a fun, fast-paced word finding game for Indian languages that challenges players to find as many words as they can in 3 minutes. Match your wits against other players in the Live game mode or invite your friends to a private game. Word Matki is available for Hindi, Tamil, Bengali & Kannada languages. Word Matki won the Manthan SouthEast Asian Digital Award in 2011.

Thru The GalliThru the Galli solves the last-mile navigation issues associated with current map based direction systems like Google Maps. Current directions work pretty well for known landmarks, but, to reach a specific location from a popular landmark through shortcuts, human assistance is required. Using this app, you can create Custom map directions from the nearest Landmark and share it as a link using SMS, Email and Facebook. Your friends can use this link to navigate easily to the desired location by following step-by-step instructions. The app uses Layar's Augmented Reality to make sure you reach the right place without any difficulty. The directions also can be viewed over a web browser. The app has been developed by Anenth, Koushik, Indraneel, Santhosh, Sandeep, Tej and Vishnu during Global Android Dev Camp at IIIT, Bangalore.

Bowling Wizards: Bowling Wizards is a gaming App made by Nextwave Multimedia Pvt Ltd. The game is a different version of the regular Bowling Games. This is what separated it from the rest. They have introduced flinging animals on to the structures, tower defense, side-scrolling, touch to jump and other such features and made the gaming experience much more exciting. The music is pretty interesting and even catchy at times; the cartoonist style of the game makes it very light hearted, and the bigger puzzle can become quite the challenge. Bowling Wizards has served as a great start to NextWave Multimedia’s app developing career.

TVBuddy: This app compels you to switch on to a new TV Experience! TVBuddy allows one to share and discuss what one is watching with his or her friends. This app from Mobiotics also allows users to discover new content. With games, voting, and real-time discussions, TVBuddy aims to change the way people watch TV.

Paint App, MetroPhoto, Vital Docs and RemoteControl My Phone were the other 4 winning apps.

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