Education Solutions Catering to Large Institutions from BrainValley; A 2012 Red Herring Startup

Education Solutions Catering to Large Institutions from BrainValley; A 2012 Red Herring Startup

Saturday September 15, 2012,

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Chennai based startup Brainvalley has currently fielded Quizky, a complete test assessment solution that enables companies to author content, analyze the performance and deliver tests in Online, Offline and Hybrid modes. Quizky supports multiple branches and divisions that enable effective test administration. The Test Engine is ideal for Recruitment Agencies, Corporate, School/Colleges and Test Prep Institution.Shankar Prabhu of Brainvalley is the creator behind Quizky which is an IT solution made to meet the demands of large educational institutions. Shankar started his career in the 12th std as an IT trainer (C, C++ & FoxPro) for VIT MTech students. Later as a programmer analyst in Drivestream (a US based company) and then as a Project Manager – Custom Application (Microsoft Technology) he was exposed to a wide variety of software development challenges and BI platforms.


These experiences were instrumental in founding Brainvalley Solutions. However his penchant for developing software had begun quite early. He recalls “I developed my first S/W when I was studying in the 11th Std for a Science Exhibition, Incidentally it is a Quiz program developed in VB 6 platform with FoxPro as database.”

His work has come a long way since the quiz program with Quizky which is a cloud based online test assessment tool. Quizky has been used in more than 25,00,000 tests and counting.

They also have other offerings Shankar states “Our Simulated test engine for CAT, GRE, GMAT, CA CPT, CMAT and NMAT is used by several test prep institutions. Test responses can be recovered in case of Internet or system disruption.”

They will also have a sales office in Mumbai in the near future.

Despite all the success that they have had there are still a few barriers to be overcome. Shankar confesses their shortcomings saying “Marketing and Management. We are looking for investments for setting up sales offices and marketing campaigns. Our current challenge is to get investment quickly, form a management team and set up sales and marketing initiatives aggressively.”

Shankar says that Brainvalley strives “To be globally a recognized and accepted organization in the education industry by providing innovative solutions and constantly striving for customer excellence.”

In this regard their ability to create software that uploads content from MS Word (using Word2Quizky) is an edge over the competition. Things like Adaptive Learning and Testing Platforms, Simulated test platforms (GRE, GMAT, CAT, NMAT, CMAT), Comprehensive MIS report, and Inbuilt Ecommerce modules are additional weapons in their arsenal. Their target markets are Test Prep Institutions, Corporate/ Recruitment Agencies, Schools, Colleges.


In testament to their popularity, there are many test prep institutions like IMS, CPLC (MT Educare). And also some Corporates (Insurance, IT, Construction) use their products for recruitment and internal assessment programs. They are tech partners for IMS SimCAT 2012 exam (India’s largest cat mock exam).

"Quizky has proved to be an excellent one-stop solution for test delivery across all our products" - Tony Xavier, Head Academics, IMS Test Prep

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