Coffin Games: An Effort To Make A Dent in The Casual Gaming Segment

Friday September 14, 2012,

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The Current online gaming market is huge and has certainly increased its reach consistently since the last decade. In today’s online gaming scenario, a great game with heavily polished professional grade art, in-depth game play backed by great music and/or sound effects will get millions of plays in just the first month of its launch. Coffin Games is a startup that houses a handpicked collection of the best online games. All the games are free to play and fall under six categories of action, arcade, sports, puzzle, physics and strategy.

They also develop in-house games and the players enjoy the luxury of having special features like, extra levels and modes, unlocked for their in-house games. For the physics games, players can use their creativity to craft custom levels and share them with their friends. Apart from that, they can comment and rate the games. With time, they are planning to add more social features to the website. They also plan to port some of their previously developed successful games on Facebook and also develop new ones with special focus on “replayability”.

“I have always been a passionate gamer and was a champ in chess and Age of Empires during college days. I knew I had to pursue gaming. After graduating from IIT Delhi in 2008, I joined a Bangalore based games startup where I got hands on experience in development of a flash based MMO RPG game. After working there for a year and researching the flash game market, I decided to make my very own games. I wanted to make a living by doing the very thing I love,” says Gaurav, Founder, Coffin Games.

Gaurav has a small but dedicated team of freelancers and friends who work with him on various aspects such as game design, testing and artwork. He does all the programming/development, SEO, marketing himself. So far, the team has built, marketed and distributed 26 flash games. But, a couple of ideas require considerable expansion. For this purpose, they are seeking active investments.

Coffin Games has huge potential in terms of monetization. They have previously got some of the games licensed by big portals in Europe. They have a multi-dimensional revenue model where they plan to earn via advertising, selling licenses of their games and through micro-transactions. Recently, they have also launched another exclusive card gaming portal. Here, they plan to earn by selling premium memberships and micro-transactions.


SeepStation has bought the classic Indian card game Seep online in its multiplayer avatar for the first time. The website provides a unique service of playing Seep in real time against live opponents along with social features of chatting and adding friends. The website is only three months old but has received extremely positive feedback from the community of Seep lovers. The user interface is so intuitive that even those with no knowledge of seep can play the game comfortably.

We aim to provide a huge (thousands of concurrent users online) social gaming platform for seep, with plans to launch the game on Facebook, iphone and Android in the near future. It is also on our agenda to blend different platforms (mobile/non-mobile) seamlessly so that, let’s say, a user on mobile can play an uninterrupted game with someone on a desktop,” says Gaurav.

They got between 500,000 to 2 million impressions in their 1st year of launch for each game that they developed and distributed. They expect to see a great rise in the numbers after they enter into social network gaming.

“The gaming industry is at a dynamic stage where things keep changing every day, and in order to stay in business for long, one must adapt and survive. Running a business on limited funds is challenging enough. One needs to figure out ways to cut costs, even if it involves working a few extra hours versus spending a few dollars, compromising on artwork, going for cheaper versions of software and licenses - All this is a learning experience in itself,” says Gaurav signing off.

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