Launching "A Day in The Life of an Entrepreneur" Series

Launching "A Day in The Life of an Entrepreneur" Series

Thursday September 13, 2012,

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Entrepreneurs live a curious life. They've a single minded focus, almost obsessed with what they're doing and an utter disregard for social life sometimes. We've covered more than 6,000 entrepreneurs and being a startup ourselves, we know how busy and focused an entrepreneur is! But he or she loves it! They wouldn't give it up for anything else in the world.

The most troubled by this behaviour of a startup guy is the family. They're almost always at a loss for understanding, what is this person doing? Why doesn't he take a job and settle down? He has the best degrees in the world but why is he still playing the role of a delivery boy? The questions are innumerable. But his life is interesting. An entrepreneur 'experiences' life in the real terms. He does almost everything to make it work!

We at want to paint this picture and hence have launched this series about how an entrepreneur spends his day? What does he do the first thing in the morning? Does he have time for breakfast? Is he the founder cum customer support guy at his company? How does he spend his day? Presenting, "A Day in The Life of an Entrepreneur" series.

So, we'll strive to bring days in the life of folks in different sectors, so if you are someone unique or know someone unique, do write in to us at [email protected] and we shall get back to you.

[The Fabulous startup workplace videos will also hit screens very soon]

Image Credit: Lee Huang

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