Matchmecupid, An Exclusive Invitation Only Matrimonial Website For Professionals

What hasn’t gone online? Today you have websites that can teach you almost anything online, we also have websites that can connect you with people with specific interests, and then we have websites that can get you married! So, what’s the big deal? Haven’t we seen people find their “true love” via sites such as Facebook, Well, a new player has entered the domain, and unlike Facebook, where you accidently meet your future spouse, this website actually connects you to people that have been ‘filtered’ via various parameters to suit your taste! Matchmecupid is the new entrant in the domain.

Matchmecupid wishes to address issues of today’s youth. The primary ones being, will I actually find love online? Do I really need someone’s help? I need to spend some time with the other person. Also, having spent a lot of time online, there is an inherent need to look beyond one’s social network, ie, beyond their friends and their friends’ friends.

Founded by three friends, Mandeep Kaur, professional marketer, Ritesh Choudhary, Software Engineer, Shalaka, Consultant, Matchmecupid focuses on a specific demographic to connect individuals. The individuals they connect are unmarried, 25 plus aged, possess at least one degree, and have should have incomes above a benchmark (for girls it should be above 5 lakhs and for guys, above 8 lakhs per annum). They have decided to abide by these criteria. The registration process for Matchmecupid also has strict regulations. There are three ways in which a person can become a member, on a friend’s recommendation, fill the new member form, and receive an invite. Each received form is thoroughly checked and verified, in order to understand the kind of person s/he is looking for.

They have various services for those who join Matchmecupid:


A network of Relationship Managers has been set at various locations across India. The major cities included are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, and Lucknow. These managers also provide counseling if required.

Thus, Matchmecupid provides online as well as offline support to ensure that you get the perfect match!

Has the increasing number of dating/marriage websites become a trend or is it just a passing fad? We have other websites like, MyMitra, OkCupid, Two MangoesStepOut and now Matchmecupid. Dating is a cool affair as such, but marriage is a serious business, at least in India!

Check out their offerings, at Matchmecupid! For some really cool dating sites, check this out.

Matchmecupid is now on YourStory Pages as well! Check out their profile here.


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