How Ronald George Quit his Corporate Life to Startup a Momo Shop


The human being is a very peculiar species. While most of our kind lives constrained by the rules created by others, there are those that break out. Everyone has the capacity to do so, but only a few do. Take Mr. Ronald George for example; a hotshot recruiter with 24 x 7 Customer who decided to quit his day job after ten years of working to spend more time with his family.. And as a side business, started an eat joint, that only serves Momos.

A Childhood Passion

Ronald, in his own words, was a “typical army kid”, who fell in love with Momos at an expedition trip in Himachal Pradesh.

“My father had an assistant in the army who made the best Momos ever. I learnt to make Momos from him and have had numerous Momo parties

through my college life and work. After having been told that my I make very good Momos for over 10 years, I finally decided to open my own Momo shop” Ronald remembers.The Momo shop, at R.T. Nagar BDA complex, is one of the top 5 places for Momo’s in Bangalore.

A one man show

“I do everything at the Momo shop; from cleaning, to making the Momos and to keeping the accounts of the place. It’s almost like a daily wages job as in, if I don’t open my shop today I will not have any money for the day” says Ronald. “Having said that, I invested a relatively small amount to open shop and I recovered the cost in the first two months. I now earn enough from the shop, but it’s not as much as what a corporate job paid me.”

“The contacts from the corporate job never leave you though. When I have enough time, I hang out with my young customers and I help them out with placements. Till now I’ve placed at least 3 people through my contacts” he says.

The real reason

The reason behind such unconventional changes is usually very personal. In Ronald’s case it was about spending more time with his family. “I wasn’t getting enough time with my wife and son, so one of the main reasons behind the Momo Shop was this. Furthermore, my wife is my pillar of support. She

works with a corporate and what she does allows me to do what I do.”“I have got various offers to franchisee the Momo Shop brand but I prefer to take baby steps. I am not from a business background and anyone can cheat me. And it will also beat the purpose of starting this as I will be left with no time.”

Ronald’s story is an inspiration to everyone who complains about having no time. It reinforces the values of family and simple living and in this world driven by money; human stories such as these come as a welcome relief. All is not lost.

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