The Next Best Thing to Being an Entrepreneur

The Next Best Thing to Being an Entrepreneur

Saturday September 15, 2012,

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So you’re not an Entrepreneur yet. Inspite of you always wanting to be, inspite of the great ideas you write on tissue paper, inspite of the great drunken ideological conversations you share with friends.

You simply couldn’t manage to become one. Perhaps because of the pressure to earn a steady income, or because of family pressure of not venturing out into the unknown, or because of societal mandates which push you to cover yourself first. And let’s face it, the toughest Entrepreneurs may get punched over and over but they somehow manage not getting knocked down.

Sometimes it just so happens, that inspite of our wanting to, things don’t work. We are never able to take the plunge. If you have ever felt miserable about it, well, its OK.

So what’s the next best thing? If you’re still in school or in a job- there is something one can do to enjoy what one is doing. That’s right, to enjoy, starting now.

And it’s this- Be Indispensable.

As simple as it sounds, not many are thinking of being indispensable in their present roles. But what does it mean to ‘be indispensable’?

Dictionary meaning: adjective absolutely necessary, essential, or requisite: an indispensable member of the staff.

In a knowledge economy, it sometimes simply amounts to being authentic in thought and action. Of going against convention and taking a stance. Of forming and then expressing your world view and then getting people to buy into that. Of trying to take on a tough project, which everyone finds difficult to execute. Of being the guy, who handles cross functional teams better. Of creating art- irreplaceable, difficult to replicate work.

Of making and then handling a battle-hardened, highly talented team. Of being a leader instead of a follower. Of taking up responsibility instead of waiting to be allotted one. Of increasing your influence.

This is what makes you indispensable. Indispensable is rare. It is coveted and tough to let go. If you do become indispensable, it almost always ensures that people in power will feel more secure giving more responsibility.

This will ensure that you handle more responsibility which will not only make you progress faster than others, but also fast-track your learning. It will also give you the chance to do work that matters.

It goes above creating a feeling that you will be missed. You could be missed for you camaraderie with your mates. What you want to create, however, is work which will be missed. Or an attitude which will be missed.

Not everyone wants to be indispensable. If you had to, which route would you take?

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