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5 Bangalore based Ecommerce Startups You Might Not Have Heard Of

5 Bangalore based Ecommerce Startups You Might Not Have Heard Of

Sunday October 07, 2012 , 4 min Read

Yes, it's eCommerce and it's here to stay. Don't cringe. Many have questioned their existence and have asked whether smart, intelligent people are trying to ride on the wave a few years too soon. The average buyer is still not ready to spend online and all these sites are trying to get them online. Is this a sure shot way to burn your fingers and a lot of cash along with it? They're all looking for funding, they're all looking to generate a buzz. At last count, we at Yourstory know more than 500 eCommerce companies many of which had applied to become the eSpark last year. There have been exciting stories since then and words of caution as well (Sanjay Anandaram gave a reality check on why Indian eCommerce cannot go the Amazon way and an interview with an angel revealed how customer acquisition is going to be the key). Nonetheless, many startups have picked up the battle are up for the challenge. Here are 5 (not in any order or preference) startups that have their base in Bangalore and we haven't written about them before:

VialokalVialokal is an e-commerce platform retailing over 7000 products to shoppers across India. It offers products across categories including books, mobile handset and accessories, laptops & accessories, cameras and digital photo-frames, office supplies, car electronics & accessories, MP3 & MP4 players, GPS systems, gaming consoles & gaming titles and toys.

Launched: August 2012

MakersCartMakers Cart is an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food, crafty creations and natural products directly from small scale producers and growers. Makers Cart delivers what you are missing in the current urbanized India. Makers Cart gives special emphasize to homemade and hand made goods which help small entrepreneurs across the country find customers and grow their business. Makers Cart believes that Indian artisan Industry has lot to offer than the big FMCGs of India.

Launched: November 2011

OyeGirlOyeGirl is an online shopping portal catering to the niche segment of women’s apparel and accessories. It is a one stop online shop for women, whereas the Fashion jewelry segment can be used as a platform for finding gifts. Apart from this, OyeGirl also sells Sarees, Fragrances and Lingerie.

Launched: March 2010 is an online shopping destination focused on offering top fashion brands and luxury labels in one e-store. They have curated their entire range with the help of stylists, experienced buyers, and guest curators who lookout for the latest in trends and fashion across the globe. They are working towards making 3Closets a Members Only site and thus providing the select members special benefits such as discount codes and vouchers. They have also introduced the concept the concept of “flash-sale” wherein they keep a sale for the high-end products for a short duration of 3 days.

Launched: September 2011

ThePrivateSales ThePrivateSales is an online portal that brings the best of fashion from ramps across the globe to your doorstep. They hold exclusive high couture sales events offering coveted luxury brands at discounted prices. The Private Sales has its roots in the fashion capital, Paris and over 7 years of experience with designer brands & retailing. They aim to make luxury affordable to privileged shoppers in India. A first-of-its- kind in the Indian market, ThePrivateSales offers premium brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Esprit and Gucci, at unmatched prices, with more than 75% discounts.

Launched: July 2010

We haven't tried buying from all of them but it always good to know a few more options where you could go when you decide to buy more stuff online. If you're a startup, you might want to read about Value chain innovation in eCommerce and also how you could keep your e-customers loyal. Scan through more eCommerce companies in India on PAGES.