FusionCharts Releases Book - Not Just Another Pie in the Sky

FusionCharts Releases Book - Not Just Another Pie in the Sky

Monday October 22, 2012,

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FusionCharts, the makers of the hugely popular FusionCharts Suit XT, has released a book titled, Not Just Another Pie in the Sky, which recounts their "story

of how a quest for pocket money became a multi-million dollar business." The book is written by Sanket Nandhani, who headed Marketing & Sales at FusionCharts till 2011.A post on their website said, "FusionCharts started a decade back from a shared bedroom as a quest for more pocket money. Since then, we have come a long way to become a company that has 20,000 customers and 450,000 users in 118 countries, powers more than a billion charts per month and does $7M in annual revenue.

And on our 10th birthday, while we pause to take a look back at our journey, we thought we had a sweet story to tell you. And an unconventional one, too. So here we are telling you about the decade-long trials and tribulations of a company founded by a 17-year old with no business knowledge whatsoever and in a country not exactly known for its software products."

On accounts of FusionChart's 10th birthday, users can download the book here for free before the 29th of October.

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An in-depth interview with Pallav Nadhani , Founder of FusionCharts and a book review of 'Not another pie from the sky' will follow shortly.

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