eSvasa - Everything You'd Ever Want to Know About Organic Food

eSvasa - Everything You'd Ever Want to Know About Organic Food

Thursday November 29, 2012,

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You are what you eat. In a recent interview with SnapDeal, we were told that the packaged food industry is the fastest growing industry in the retail market and urban India is a large consumer. This is food is unhealthy and to add to this ever growing problem is only fueled by the use of additives in the unpackaged food segment. All these reasons have given rise to the existence of the organic food market.

India on the whole, has been a little slow on the adoption of organic food partly because it costs more than foods without the organic tag. But a lot of it is also down ignorance. Here is where, eSvasa, an online resource portal for organic food, can make a difference. It was started two Indian wives, Suruchi

Ailawadi & Vandana Sudhakar Dutt, who were worried about the kind of food their family were eating. A lot of this care has translated into very useful information on eSvasa.Suruchi and Vandana both come from a corporate background. Suruchi has worked for ten years with Hughes and Aricent in technology roles and Vandana did her Master’s has worked for seven years in international research & marketing across various product lines. After their respective marriages, they had left their day jobs to tend to their families needs and took up the daunting job of the Indian housewife. eSvasa is almost an extension of their responsibility to their respective families’ health and well being.

Along with providing resources on Organic food, the portal also has content on topics ranging from restaurants reviews on food joints serving organic food to recipes for organic food dishes. Furthermore, the portal also serves as a platform for organic suppliers & brands to do promotions, discount schemes and workshops.In my conversation with the founders, they fondly shared how their children understand what organic foods are and they are also aware of what food to eat. They do admit that work at eSvasa has been a lot busier that what they expected, but they make sure to keep enough time for their families. All in a day’s work for this duo!

Visit eSvasa and know everything there is to Organic Food.

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