“We want to collaborate and grow the market,” Shoaib Ahmed, President, Tally Solutions


Shoaib Ahmed is currently the president Tally Solutions Private Ltd. and is primarily responsible for sales and marketing. An entrepreneur with demonstrated ability to tackle tough business and management challenges, he has an innate ability to inspire people, and lead through confidence, logic and fair play. Shoaib was Founder-Director of Vedha Automations Pvt Ltd., where he developed a rich, two-decade long experience empowering businesses via the market-leading retail business solution he created. He was instrumental in Vedha's merger with Tally, successfully managing the transition of the team and the domain expertise to Tally Solutions.

Here, we get in a conversation with him at NASSCOM Product Conclave to discuss about the Indian Tech Product Startup scene:

Shoaib starts out by charting the business landscape and gives some data points regarding the small and medium sized businesses and the opportunity. “The entire attention is towards the large companies and for the smaller businesses, they’re popular locally. They’re the unsung heroes in a way and this is a big unaddressed challenge (to make them known nationally or internationally),” says Shoaib. He goes on to explain how Tally has grown and details about the partner system which he believes to have brought success to Tally.

At the core, to make a successful product company you need a great product but there are other elements that are essential here. Shoaib explains three critical aspects about how to design a product that allows reaching out to a market. “The Indian market needs a person to reach out your customer and one is dependent on the IT Hardware vendor,” says Shoaib about sales at Tally and explains the system that has been developed.

Shoaib further talks about upcoming products from Tally and Tally’s intentions to collaborate more and grow. There are many outreach activities in the pipeline which Shoaib follows up with the challenges a young startup in India faces and ways of tackling them… Watch the video to know more…