Enter the fantastic world of Panoramas with a spruced up 360- An app from TeliportMe

Enter the fantastic world of Panoramas with a spruced up 360- An app from TeliportMe

Tuesday December 18, 2012,

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“This section is powered by HP Make it Matter - believe in the power of people when technology works for them”360 is an app from TeliportMe, one of the first Indian companies to be accelerated by 500 Startups. Founded by Vineet Devaiah, TeliportMe has been an early mover in the area of panoramas with its app- 360 that allows the user to click high resolution panoramas. "I always had a hunch that Panoramas would be big. They had to, they're a great way to document a place and with smartphones breaking all the possible barriers,it made sense that they would break out," says Vineet about the opportunity. Vineet picked on it early and today, 360 supports the most number of devices and is the fastest growing social network for panoramas.

Numbers on Android:  800K users and a 4.1 rating

"I did not expect Apple to add it within their camera app but other than that I was confident of Google making it a default as well as there being a major adoption within the smartphone users," says Vineet about the biggies who've picked on the trend. This will only get hotter and keeping in mind their ideology, "We want to be the Social Network for immersive experiences," the whole app has been redesigned to accommodate growth and allow more features to be added.

One of the major feature is the - Stitch Later" that allows you to capture the panorama but build it later as stitching tends to drain off the battery. With this, 360 is also opening a revenue stream as this feature is available for $1. "It's a test, a very large % of app revenue on Android comes from in app purchases. We are sure we can make enough to become profitable quickly + one of our big visions with our app is to have the ability for people to upgrade to a better quality experience with small incremental purchases based on the the persons unique use case scenario," informs Vineet about the revenue stream.

A host of other changes and features have also been incorporated. For instance, the way in which the Panorama can be viewed:

"Follow" feature is one which was in great demand and has now been implemented which works pretty much like how it works for Instagram or Twitter. Users can follow people and becomes a good way of curating Panoramas:

The way in which a Panorama is captured has undergone a pleasant change as well. Enter the fascinating world of Panoramas here.

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